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Oracle Hyperion Implementation

Goal 3 Sustainable

Delivered FY 2013/14

Deliver viable IT solutions that are flexible, scalable and maintainable. In these economic times, it is more important than ever to be responsible stewards of our limited resources. This means Sacramento will do more than deliver projects, we will also deliver value.

Project Overview: The City recently implemented Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system in FY 2013/14 to support the City’s Planning and Budget Development process. This core budgeting systems is an essential tool used by all departments to develop and create the City’s annual budget including the production of the City’s Proposed and Approved Budget Document.

The City’s previous PeopleSoft EPM system used to support the City’s annual budget process will no longer be supported by Oracle. Remaining on the unsupported system would put the City’s planning and budgeting efforts at risk for failure. City IT and Budget staff reviewed multiple replacement systems and recommended the implementation of Oracle Hyperion EPM.

The level of effort put forth by staff to implement the system was significant. It involved extensive technical configurations, applications testing, and system modifications. In addition, the change control process was in-depth and included system training for budget and departmental fiscal staff. The project was started in FY 2013/14 and staff achieved their goal of performing the planning and budgeting activities to develop the FY 2014/15 Budget in the new system.

This initiative also provided the opportunity to virtualize the server infrastructure that is used to support the Hyperion EPM system resulting in reduced power consumption requirements and hardware infrastructure maintenance costs.