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IT Training Program

Goal 4 Excellence

Delivered FY 2013/14

Create a culture of excellence where the City of Sacramento is sought after as a "Great Workplace" for Technology Professionals is an important goal of the City’s Digital Strategy. Key strategies for developing an excellent workforce are listed here:

  • Foster positive environment
  • Recruit and retain talented IT professionals
  • Provide professional development for IT workforce
  • Develop and informed and educated workforce
  • Implement workforce training program

Project Overview: In alignment with the City’s Digital strategy and to address a significant gap in skills and knowledge that has been identified this initiative develops an IT Training Program which will address training needs for all city employees and also for IT staff. The intent of the program is to provide a path to professional development for IT staff, and create an informed educated workforce that supports end users and business operations.

As part of the discovery phase of the Digital Strategy development process, technology training was identified as one of the top priorities on the formal finds and recommendations. Enterprise applications training and IT technical training needs were identified throughout the citywide staff surveys, IT focus groups, and business process workshops. The IT Training Plan is a critical component to the successful execution of the Digital Strategy initiatives.

For all city employees, the training areas includes basic "technology 101"courses such as email usage, VoIP phone usage, Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 7 fundamental, IT security awareness, etc., which is geared toward new city employees or refresher training. Other training covered under this program includes basic operation and navigation of enterprise business application systems such as electronic Citywide Accounting and Personnel System (eCAPS), Citywide Content Management (CCM), Automated Document Review System (ADRS), and enterprise work order management systems. More in-depth or specific training needs on the business application systems will be coordinated with City YOU and departmental business lines experts. The goal of the IT Training Plan is to establish a reoccurring technology training resource that will support end users and business staff. Scheduling and enrollment will be coordinated through City YOU and will use a combination of training formats including in-class/instructor led, video recordings, and on-line training using the City’s Learning Management System (Target Solutions).

For IT staff, training for specific disciplines were identified: Project Management, IT Security, Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux technologies. The targeted completion date for the training listed will be June 2015:

  • Project Management for all IT staff.
  • Security Essential for our IT Security team.
  • Microsoft Server 2012 for our Systems Engineers.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for our Application Developers and Systems Engineers.
  • Cisco Technologies.
  • Apple Products Support for our Desktop Support staff.
  • Linux Red Hat for our Application Developers.
  • Oracle/People Tools for our eCAPS team.

IT training courses and development of new training opportunities:

All City Staff Courses Offered (CityYou)







Technology "101"


Outlook (Email)


MS Excel Fundamental


MS Excel Advanced


Security Awareness


IT Staff


Staff Trained


MS Windows Server 2012

Systems engineers

June 2014—September 2014

MS SQL Server 2012

Systems engineers and application developers

June 2014—August 2014

Project Management

All IT Staff

Developing ASP.NET 3.5 Web Applications

Application developers

August 2014

HTML 5 Programming

Web Team

September 2014

Cisco CCNA Boot Camp

Systems engineers

June 2014 – December 2014

Red Hat Linux

Application developers

July 2014

Security Essential

Security Team

June 2014 – December 2014

Apple Product Support

Desktop staff

July 2014