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self service w4

Goal 1 Accessible

Delivered FY 2014/15

Expanding access to city services to anyone, at any time, from anywhere (responsive, accessible, and mobile) is a primary mission of the City’s Digital Strategy. This includes providing online access to City’s services to the City staff as well that effectively reduces their time and increases their productivity.

Project Overview

In alignment with the City’s Digital Strategy, this initiative provides employee self-service access to the City’s financial and human resources system (eCAPS) giving employees the ability to make changes to their W4 information for Federal and State allowances. This initiative helped automate and streamline the previous paper and manual intensive process.


The delivered PeopleSoft system did not provide self-service access to change employees’ State deductions. To achieve this solution, staff developed a custom solution within the eCAPS system that allowed self-service changes to employee W4 information. Once self-service changes are submitted, those changes would then update the system automatically without any manual intervention by payroll staff. This automated process helped free up staff time to focus on other payroll processing duties.

Since implementing this initiative in April 2014, follow up meetings were conducted with payroll staff to gage the efficiencies gained by this change. The review indicated that there has been an increase in the number of employees making changes to their W4 information and we believe it is attributed to this new W4 self-service functionality.