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Please visit for more information about my office.

I'm proud to serve the constituents of Council District 4.

Council District 4 includes the wonderful neighborhoods of Sacramento’s central city, Land Park, Little Pocket, and River Oaks communities. Our district is full of arts, great restaurants, and some of Sacramento’s most historic neighborhoods!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions you have.

Contact us

Councilmember Hansen
915 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Office: (916)808-7004
Fax: (916)264-7680



My office has launched Sacramento's online bicycle registry called RideOn! Please visit to learn more about the registry and to register your bicycle!

Enjoy this video showcasing our wonderful City! 

The City's Household Junk Pickup Program (formally the Neighborhood Cleanup Program) is expanding to two appointments this year and appointments are now being taken! The program begins February 1 and will run through the month of October. For more information on how to schedule a pickup, visit

We want to hear what you think! Sign up at to let your ideas be heard.

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Visit our new Sacramento Valley Station website for updates on Phase II renovations


May 22 - Broadway Sunday Street was a phenomenal success with thousands of people in the street enjoying the beautiful day! There are a lot of people who deserve recognition in helping to make this happen, including our sponsors: Sutter Health, SACOG, Sacramento Association of REALTORS®, Sacramento Air Quality Management District, The California Endowment. The event "activations" were collaborative experiments from a number of incredible community partners like Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, WALKSacramento, Mahogany Urban Poetry, Academy Fitness, Oak Park Sol, Alchemist CDC, and many more (the full list is here, with links for you to get more information about the participating organizations: Please feel free to share your pictures from the day in the comments, here are some of ours! Read Post

May 15 - A budget is where a city's priorities meet its pocketbook. As a Council, debating and passing a budget is one of the most important things we do to ensure the long-term health of our City. The good news is that this year, our economic growth means increased revenues, and these will allow us to continue to improve City services. In the long term, the picture is less clear, and it is important that our residents be engaged and informed throughout the budget process. The Mayor and Council will review the proposed operating and capital improvement budget in public hearings over the next month. Budget materials and information are available here: . There you will also find a timeline of when the Council will discuss the budget and the City's Capital Improvement Program. Tomorrow, council will have a special budget review session at 2:00 p.m. at City Hall. Read Post

May 12 - Details about the closures for the AMGEN Tour of California blazing through Sacramento this weekend. There are several elements of the event this weekend that will impact City streets and traffic in the downtown area. Saturday, May 13 is the Women’s Stage 3 Finish. The women will start Stage 3 in Elk Grove at 10:35am and are expected to finish on L and 12th Streets at approximately 1:56pm. Sunday, May 14 is the Men’s Stage 1 and Women’s Stage 4. The Men’s race will start on L and 11th Streets at 11:25am. The race will take three laps around the circuit: L Street, 9th Street, N Street, 15th Street, Q Street and 18th Street (see attached map) before finishing at approximately 3:28pm at L and 11th Streets. While the Men’s race is outside of the City of Sacramento limits, the Women’s race will utilize the circuit for Stage 4. At 12:30pm, the women will take 20 laps around the circuit, finishing at approximately 2:10pm at L and 11th Streets. The events include a festival on 10th Street between N and L Streets. The festival will be open on Saturday from 10am-2:30pm and on Sunday from 9am-4:15pm. ********************************************************* Here is a timeline of the street closures to help you plan around the closures: Friday, May 12 10am – The south curb lane and #3 lane on L Street between 10th and 12th Streets will close for set-up. 4pm – 10th Street will be closed between N and K Streets for festival set-up. 7pm – Complete closure of L Street from 10th to 12th Streets. Saturday, May 13 6:45am – Begin two-way traffic on 10th Street between J Street to the Capitol Garage and out the alley. Two-way traffic will also begin on L Street between 9th Street to the private parking garage. 7:45am-2:30pm – L Street complete closure extended from 9th Street to 15th Street. 1pm – 2pm – Circuit closure (9th Street, N Street, 15th Street, Q Street, 18th Street and L Street between 15th and 18th Streets) closed. Sunday, May 14 7am – 4pm – Complete closure of L Street extended from 9th Street to 15th Street. 8am – 5pm – Complete closure of westbound lanes on Capitol Mall between 5th and 9th Streets (cross streets will remain open). 11:15am – 11:40am – Complete closure of Capitol Mall between 9th Street and Tower Bridge for start of Men’s Race (cross streets temporarily closed). 11:45am – 3:30pm – Circuit closure (9th Street, N Street, 15th Street, Q Street, 18th Street and L Street between 15th and 18th Streets) closed. 2:45pm – 3:15pm – Complete closure of Capitol Mall between 9th Street and Tower Bridge for start of Men’s Race (cross streets temporarily closed). 8pm – L Street between 10th and 12th Street reopens. 11pm – 10th Street between N and K Streets reopens. Read Post

May 11 - This Saturday marks the Tour de City Hall, an opportunity for our council to get out and ride bikes from District 1 all the way to District 7. We won't be riding as fast as the Amgen, but at our speed, residents and other riders are welcome to join! We'll be stopping at multiple locations along the way, the schedule and route is available here: Join us for what we hope becomes a May Is Bike Month tradition! Read Post

May 09 - Parades are a big tradition in the Pride movement, dating back to the first marches and rallies centered on LGBTQ identity and community almost 50 years ago. This year's parade is on June 3rd and I am honored to be serving as a 2017 Pride Parade Grand Marshal alongside the amazing Tina Reynolds of Uptown Studios. More information on the parade, and the annual festival that follows, are available here: Read Post