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City of Sacramento Youth Advisory Councils








In 2015, a group of interns from the Summer @ City Hall program requested greater support from the Sacramento City Council of youth voice in the South Sacramento area.  Out of that request the South Sacramento Youth Advisory Council (SSYAC) was created by that group of youth to cultivate a continuum of youth leadership development and civic engagement by providing greater opportunities for youth.  SSYAC has continued to grow in numbers of South Sacramento youth and in influencing change in their communities. 

In 2017, the City of Sacramento adopted the Citywide Youth Development Campaign Plan to ensure that all Sacramento children and youth are valued and reach their fullest potential.  Under this Youth Development Plan, the City made it its mission to lead collaboratively to provide systemic and sustainable investments and opportunities, harnessing collective assets to champion intentional and equitable pathways for young people to succeed.

In 2018, SSYAC became the District Youth Advisory Councils (DYACs) as part of the implementation of the Citywide Youth Development Campaign Plan and to accommodate the growing demand for participation in SSYAC.  The DYACs engage with their District offices through involvement with existing youth leadership development initiatives such as the Sacramento Youth Commission, Summer at City Hall and Thousand Strong.

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The DYAC Network

The DYAC Network

District Youth Advisory Councils (DYACs):  a district-centric group of about 30 youth that support the Councilmember and the SYC through field research and project implementation.  

DYAC AmbassadorsDYAC members between the ages of 14 and 18 that have completed DYAC training; serve as a bridge between the DYACs and the SYC, working directly with their District staff and District Commissioners to advance policies set forth by the Council and Commissioners.  Each District shall have 4 Ambassadors (2 per Commissioner).

Sacramento Youth Commission:  an advisory board of youth that report to the City Council on policy concerning the youth of Sacramento.  The DYACs support the SYC by providing field research and assisting with project implementation. 

Advisory Council (“Power Team”):  a small group committed of Council District staff, City staff, school district representatives, community partners and DYAC ambassadors that supports the development of the DYAC framework and implementation plan.

DYAC Community Champions:  representatives of community organizations that are committed to developing youth leadership and community engagement in a DYAC area; serve as mentors and/or resource connectors for DYAC members and help in providing full wrap-around support in the leadership development of each DYAC member.


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American Legion High School:  1st Wednesdays of the Month @ 3:30p-5:30p

Valley High School:  2nd Thursdays of the Month @ 3:30p-5:30p

Hiram Johnson High School:  2nd Mondays of the Month @ 3:30p-5:30p

George Sim Center:  2nd Wednesdays @ 3:30p-5:30p

Kennedy High School:  3rd Thursdays of the Month @ 3:00p-5:00p

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Topic Schedule

The DYAC meets are organized by a monthly schedule of topics, as outlined below.  Each month’s topic will build upon what was discussed the previous month.  Also, each month will feature a guest speaker or speakers ready to discuss that month’s topic as it relates to the DYAC group projects (listed on Page 6).


Lesson Title



Listening Sessions

To provide a safe space and platform for youth to voice their concerns and ideas for improvement to local officials and policy makers. Also, to recruit youth to participate in their local YAC.



Overview of the program, housekeeping, what is community leadership, and project groups.


Civic Engagement By The Numbers

To introduce youth data, mapping and related tools and educate them as to how they can use such in their lives and their community change work.


Working With The City To Create Change

To connect members with resources to collaborate with City representatives.


Working With Your Community To Create Change

To connect members with resources to collaborate with community resources that can assist them in creating change.


Opportunities for Engagement

To review the calendar for opportunities for engagement in their communities.


Living Healthy

A focus on self-care as an essential element of effective leadership and community change work.


Social Emotional Wellness

A focus on self-care as an essential element of effective leadership and community change work. Introduce the 2019 SEL Showcase and invite members to participate.



To explain the value of mentorship and benefits to both the mentee and the mentor.


Review / Succession Celebration

To review the accomplishments made, celebrate the graduates and discuss the effectiveness of the program and opportunities for improvement.

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For additional information please contact your council district office:

District 5
     Councilmember Jay Schenirer     
 District 6
     Councilmember Eric Guerra     
District 7
     Councilmember Rick Jennings     

Find your council district here.

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