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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 25, 2017

Sacramento Mayor Steinberg Reiterates We Will Not Compromise Civil Rights For Money

Says executive order will undermine public safety

Sacramento, Calif - Today Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States:

“The city of Sacramento is not in the business of bargaining away the civil rights of our neighbors and families for money.

We are a nation of immigrants and these families are an essential part of the fabric of our city, our economy and the American Dream. Forcing cities to spend taxpayer resources on federal immigration enforcement actions to separate parents from children is simply bad public policy.

The strings attached to these federal dollars will undermine public safety, put law enforcement further in harm’s way and violate the principles of the U.S. Constitution.

This is an unconscionable threat but it is also counterintuitive. Diverting these federal funds will weaken our public safety response and readiness, severely damage the trust between police and community, and render Sacramento less safe and our homeland less secure.

This is a cowardly, reckless and inhumane act and Sacramento will fight it. And we are not alone.

The major beacons of opportunity and economic engines of our nation – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York and Philadelphia, just to name a few – are all in this together – our governments, our schools, our churches, our businesses, our workers and our public safety personnel. In the coming days, I will be meeting with leaders across our city and in cities across the country to determine an appropriate and effective response. We stand together and we will not compromise on civil rights or the safety of our communities.”