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Mayor Steinberg Issues Statement on Commitment to Paris Climate Accord Goals

Sacramento, Calif -Today Mayor Steinberg issued the following statement as one of hundreds of Mayors across the country committed to upholding the landmark Paris accord:

“In withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, President Trump has placed polluters above the health and prosperity of the American people. It is in complete denial of widespread public opinion, overwhelming scientific consensus and incontrovertible economic facts.

While our President turns his back to the world and the health of future generations, America’s cities will look forward, press ahead, and lead – for the sake of our economy, public health, and the hopes of future generations.

Today, the City of Sacramento is proud to join major cities across the nation in unwavering commitment to honor the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

Built at the confluence of rivers and blessed with an abundance of agricultural products and renewable energy sources, Sacramento’s people and economy are uniquely vulnerable to the scientifically-proven impacts of climate change. We know the effects of drought and flood alike.

Sacramento will continue to accelerate our country’s transition to a renewable energy future because the world cannot wait – and neither can we.”