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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 5, 2017

Mayor Steinberg Issues Statement on President Ending DACA Program

Sacramento, CA - Today Mayor Steinberg issued the following statement regarding the President ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program:

The President’s move to end DACA is morally repugnant and stands in direct contrast to our core American values. This decision, if not overturned, robs our country of a generation of Americans who would cure diseases, create new industries and invent the future. The President has chosen to tear down instead of uplift, build walls instead of bridges, and continue to divide instead of unite.

These are not criminals or drug dealers. These are students and hard-working men and women who call the United States home and who, through no fault of their own, now face a potentially devastating threat with unimaginable uncertainty.

In the face of this action, Sacramento will do what we always do – stand up and with those in our community who are threatened. Earlier this year, the City and our partners set aside $400,000 for a network of legal and community based organizations to provide legal defense, advice and support to Sacramento’s immigrant community. To access these resources, visit or call (916) 245-6773.