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Fees and Charges

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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 3117 Category: Building Permit Fees Fee Name: Overtime Inspection Fee (Building) Description (Short): Inspections requested outside regular business hours Description (Long):

This fee must be collected to cover additional costs associated with accommodating requests for inspections outside of normal business hours.  Most often this service is needed when a business owner or contractor is presented with logistical circumstances making is necessary or advantageous to conduct inspections afterhours either to make a grand opening deadline, not disturb business, or some other extenuating circumstance.

Labor agreements regulate that a Building Inspector be paid a minimum of two hours for overtime work.  The Overtime inspection and Emergency Inspection fees are either or fees. They should not both be charged for the same inspections. The Overtime inspection fee is levied for scheduled overtime inspections.

 The Emergency Inspection fee is charged for unscheduled inspections.  Refer to the Emergency Inspection fee for a detailing of the circumstances under which it is appropriate to charge this fee.

This fee is non-refundable. The request for such an inspection initiates staff time expenditures rearranging schedules and locating staffing to fill the overtime staffing need.

Contact Information:; City of Sacramento Call Center 311 or 916-264-5011 Ordinance Information: Resolution 2013-0253
Fee Amount: $ 152.00 per hour Fee Purpose: Cost recovery of expenses directly attributable to the execution of Overtime Inspections. Fee Calculation Type: Hourly Calculation Note: 2 hour minimum for each discipline required by the scope of the inspection or inspections requested Fee Type: Service - Requested Attachment: