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Fees and Charges

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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 3123 Category: Building Permit Fees Fee Name: Plan Review Fee - Building Division Description (Short): The Plan Review Fee is charged any time plan review is performed by the Building Division. This includes formal review and over-the-counter review. Description (Long):

Description Continued.......

For permits based on valuation, the project valuation is defined as the total value of all work, including all labor, finish work, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevator systems, fire extinguishing systems, and any other permanent work or permanent equipment for which the permit is issued at fair market value. The applicant project valuation is required at the time of application. 

Portions of Building Permit scopes plan reviewed as Revisions or Deferred Submittals (see Plan Revision permit fee) will be charged Plan Review Fees on an hourly basis. Revisions and Deferred Submittals cannot contain new work which expands the permits scope. Work expanding the scope of an issued permit will be permitted under a new Building Permit.

Valuation based Fee calculation:

Valuation is determined by the Chief Building Official.  A baseline for the Chief Building Official's value is the International Code Council’s most current Annual, August version of the Building Valuation Data table.   

The valuation based Plan Review fee is charged based on the project valuation and the rate specified in the plan review fee schedule. (Table B, Commercial or Residential).  The table is comprised of project valuation ranges with corresponding fee amounts.

Time of Payment:

It is required that the Plan Review Fee be paid at the time that the building plans are submitted (15.08.060).

Fee calculated based on Applied or Issued Date:
This fee is calculated based on the date the permit was applied for. 


No Plan Review Fee or portion thereof shall be refunded.



Contact Information:; City of Sacramento Call Center 311 or 916-264-5011 Ordinance Information: City Code section 15.08.050 (B), Resolution 2013-0253, 2016-0143 and Ordinance 2010-014
Fee Amount: Refer to Calculation Note Fee Purpose: This fee pays for the Building Division staff time required to perform plan review. Fee Calculation Type: Other Calculation Note: The Plan Review Fee, city code 15.08.050(B,) can be calculated in two possible ways. The first and most common method utilizes the estimated value of the project and the Plan Review Fee Schedule (Table B, see attached, Commercial or Residential) to calculate the Plan Review Fee. The second method produces a fee calculated as a simple function of the total staff hours expended while plan reviewing a project and multiplies it by the current staff hourly rate to produce an hourly plan review fee. Current staff hourly rate $152.00. Fee Type: Engineering and Review Attachment: 21000112231232010-05-25Building_Plan_Review_Fee_Table_B_7-01-2016.pdf