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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 3141 Category: Building Permit Fees Fee Name: Sign - Permit Fee (Building) Description (Short): Charged on all Sign Permits which require inspections to be performed by the Building Division. Description (Long):

Fee Amount:
Calculating the Sign Permit fee is a two-step process.

Step 1: Use Table N and the square footage, and sign type of each purposed sign submitted calculate the project valuation. This is done by calculating the square footage for each type of sign shown in Table N and multiplying it by the respective value per square foot. Total the individual per sign values into a Total Project Value. 

Step 2: Once the total Project Valuation has been calculated for a given sign permit application Table O is used to calculated the appropriate Sign Permit Fee. 


See Article VI Exempt Signs, Section 15.148.600 Generally

    Sign Permit fees may only be refunded if:

    1) No portion of the work authorized by the permit has commenced; or

    2) The permit is not expired, suspended or revoked. 

    If neither of the two above conditions exist Building permit fees (inspection fees) may only be refunded if a written demand for refund, together with the issued permit form, is presented to the Chief Building Official within one hundred twenty (120) days following the issuance of the permit.  A $50 refund processing fee shall be deducted from all refunds.

    Contact Information:; City of Sacramento Call Center 311 or 916-264-5011 Ordinance Information: City Code: 15.148.080
    Fee Amount: See Calculation Note Fee Purpose: This fee pays for the staff and material costs associated with the field inspection of signs. Fee Calculation Type: Other Calculation Note: Based on the valuation of the sign. Sign valuation is determined based on the type of sign and sqft. See attached Tables N and O for Sign Valuation and Permit Fee. Fee Type: Permit Attachment: 21000112231412006-02-07Sign_Permits.pdf