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Meet the NSD Staff


The Neighborhood Services Division staff members are dedicated to helping you. Like you, we are members of the Sacramento community and are always looking for ways to make Sacramento the most livable city in America! Below, you will find some biographical information about each staff member. Stop by our office to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we can help you!


Interim Division Manager

Kriztina is a Sacramento native, who has just returned to Sacramento after working in the San Francisco Mayor’s Office for the last 10 years. Kriztina has an extensive background working with neighborhood groups and business leaders to promote and enhance the on-going development of local neighborhood ecosystems. Kriztina specializes in community engagement, including the facilitation of community processes around neighborhood issues and concerns, and strongly exercises the development of key partnerships with private and public stakeholders, local government officials and City departments to create neighborhood-friendly solutions that will improve the quality of life for all residents and businesses in Sacramento.

   Kriztina Palone


Program Analyst

Yvonne was born and raised in Sacramento. She has worked for the City of Sacramento since 1976, starting in the Parks and Recreation Division. Yvonne takes pleasure in new challenges and solving problems. She also enjoys food and watching television.



Program Analyst

Heather joined the Neighborhood Services team in 2016. She is a five year veteran with the City of Sacramento and previously spent eleven years in the private banking industry as an Accounting Specialist, where she held an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) certification.



Neighborhood Resources Coordinator II
CD 1 and CD 2

Kris has worked in Neighborhood Services for the last 13 years but started with the Department of Parks & Recreation in 1994. She enjoys the problem-solving values and community capacity building concept of the Division. Kris is energized by her interaction with Sacramento residents and new challenges presented each day.


Randy Singh

Neighborhood Resources Coordinator I
CD 3 and CD 4

Randy was born and raised in the Sacramento Valley. He received his education from American River College and Sacramento State University where he studied Government and Biotechnology. Randy first began work in Sacramento in the California State Senate where he focused on healthcare and higher education issues and has spent most of his professional career in the public sector. He has experience in establishing community based programs and developing relationships between government entities and the public. He enjoys building neighborhood partnerships with the goal of enriching the overall health of the community.

   Randy Singh


Neighborhood Resources Coordinator I
CD 5 and CD 6

Suzie was born and raised in Sacramento. She has an educational background in Asian American Studies, Sociology and Human Development. She enjoys working with community members in the areas of health, education and employment. As a fellow community member of Sacramento, she is committed and dedicated to seeing the Sacramento community thrive.

   Suzie Vang-Neighborhood Resource Coordinator

Reggae Brown

Neighborhood Resources Coordinator I
CD 7 and CD 8

Reggâe T. Brown is an avid community development advocate, consummate public speaker, excellent trainer, and a seasoned consultant. Born in Oregon and raised in Sacramento, she grew up in South Sacramento. She has earned degrees in Communications and Digital Media and has countless certifications in local and federal government leadership programs. She also has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Sacramento Theological Institute & Bible College. She has worked for various agencies including U.S. Census Bureau, California State Legislature, County of Sacramento, Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency, Access Sacramento, Los Rios Community College District and California Department of Corrections-Associated Prison Ministries. Reggâe has over 25 years of experience in community development and resource acquisition in the Greater Sacramento Area and throughout California for youth, seniors, veterans, parolees and homeless programs. She is passionate about community development and is at her best when she brings people together to generate solutions to common civic and social-economic problems. Reggâe is known for her charismatic personality and the ability to get things done with high energy and enthusiasm that can be contagious.

    Reggae, NRC I


Program Leader, Summer @ City Hall



Margarita (Maggie) White

Program Coordinator, Sacramento Youth Commission

Margarita was born in Mexico but has been a Sacramento resident since the age of 5. Traveling between two countries and growing up in South Sacramento allowed her to develop an appreciation for diverse cultures and unique communities at a young age. Margarita has served the Sacramento Region for the past 17 years as an educator in various school districts delivering high quality ASES after school educational and enrichment programs and has extensive experience in developing highly efficient teams as a Youth Development practitioner. Margaritas ongoing goal is to help people find value in their unique narrative while simultaneously empowering youth to harness their voice to become agents of change.


Eugene Rogers

Program Leader

Eugene has a background in educational development, community outreach, and community building. For ten years, Eugene has been instrumental in bringing together different agencies and communities in the Sacramento area.  Eugene joined the City of Sacramento in 2011 and as a Program Leader in the Parks and Recreation Department has worked with numerous city programs including Teen Services, Youth Employment and Neighborhood Services. He enjoys his family, nature, keeping up on current events, and trying different foods.