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Construction at City of Sacramento Parks

Special projects 

Sacramento River East Levee Improvements

FAQs, visit  or contact the USACE Public Affairs Office at (916) 557-5100.

Lower American River Erosion Protection Construction – Access at Glenn Hall Park
FAQs, visit:

Sacramento River East Levee Improvements – Staging at ConlinYouth Sports Complex

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) will be constructing levee seepage and stability improvements along the Sacramento River east levee. The project will require limited use of a vacant portion of the Conlin Youth Sports Complex for staging equipment and materials. All park facilities, including the existing ball fields, will remain open and available to the public throughout construction. USACE will be utilizing an existing maintenance road located adjacent to the park’s facilities to access the staging area.


Sacramento River East Levee Improvement  - Staging on Portion of Conlin Youth Sports complex (PDF)

For more information about the project, including links to final environmental documents and FAQs, visit contact the USACE Public Affairs Office at (916) 557-5100.

Questions or comments regarding the levee construction activity can be directed to USACE at:

USACE Public Affairs Office
Phone: (916) 557-5100

Individual Park construction

Fong Ranch Park
This is a 3.9-acre community park. Construction started October 2022 and will be completed June 2023. The park will include the following amenities: a children’s farm themed playground, group picnic area with a shade structure, an open turf area bantam soccer field, individual picnic nodes, a games area with a table tennis and two cornhole games, concrete walkways, a basketball court, park name sign, site furnishings, large shade and flowering trees and 12 ft masonry wall along the north side of the park.
Project manager: Dennis Day at

Mangan Park Improvements
Mangan Park is an existing 8.29 area park located at 2140 34th Avenue. Park improvements include concrete walkways, play area renovation (new play equipment, fabric canopy shade structure, play area concrete ramp), basketball court renovation, parking lot renovation, signage, site furnishing, archery targets, irrigation system modification and landscaping. Construction will begin in March 2023 weather permitting and will be completed in July 2023.
Project Manager: Tin-Wah Wong,

Nielsen Park Improvements
Nielsen Park is an existing 10.08 acre park located at 7596 Center Parkway. The Improvements at this park consist of installation of two new shade canopies in the existing adventure playground area, installation of three new picnic tables, concrete paving and soccer field renovation. This project is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year 2022.  For additional information contact Jeff Nittka at or phone 916-808-5996.

Northlake Community Park
This is a 12.4-acre community park. Construction started June 2021 and will be completed November 2022. The first phase of Northlake Park includes the following amenities: an adventure play area with shade canopies, multipurpose fields, shaded group picnic area, individual picnic nodes with game tables, basketball court, security lighting, park naming sign, site furnishings shade trees and walking paths. 
Contact Jeff Nittka at or phone 916-808-5996.

Regency Park Pump Track and Bike Playground
Regency Park is an existing 41.67 acre park located at 5500 Honor Parkway. This project is located at the north end of the park off Bridgecross Drive. This project consist installation of new landscaping, irrigation, pump track, meandering decomposed granite pathways for bikes with obstacles, decks and rocks to create a bike playground experience. The Regency Pump Track and Bike Playground project is scheduled to be completed in September 2022. For additional information.Contact Jeff Nittka at or phone 916-808-5996.

Winn ParkAlbert 
Tenant Improvements Construction is underway on a City project within Albert Winn Park. The building will need significant improvements after City work to make the building ready for a tenant. City is working directly with Midtown Association to coordinate with and minimize interruptions to existing Wednesdays at Winn and other events that take place in the park. There will be noise and dust during this work, so thank you for your patience as the City works to activate Albert Winn Park.
Project Manager: Ezra Roati,