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Granite Regional Park

Dog/Skate Park: 8200 Ramona Avenue
Fields: 8181 Cucamonga off of Power Inn Road

Park Master Plan (PDF)

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Take the Power Inn/Howe south exit off of Highway 50, and turn left at Ramona Avenue.

This 80.45 acre park includes the following amenities :

  • Group Picnic Areas:
    • GA1 - 5 tables, 3 small BBQ, accommodates 100
    • GA2 - 3 tables, 1 small BBQ, accommodates 50
    • GA3 - 6 tables, 2 small BBQ, accommodates 50 (Covered)
    • GA4 - 6 tables, 2 small BBQ, accommodates 50
    • GA5 - 4 tables, 2 small BBQ, accommodates 50 (Covered)
  • Dog Park
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Skate Park
  • Soccer Fields - 3
  • Soccer field - 1 all-weather


See Picnic page for park permitting documents and information
See Sports Fields page for Field permitting documents and information

Granite regional park

Amenity Guide (PDF)

Granite lake
Site history: Granite Construction Company turned the land over to the City of Sacramento after mining the site. The local development firms of Separovich-Domich, Panattoni Construction, and Granite Construction Company, purchased back some of the site for office buildings, which is now nearing completion. In return, the developers are paying City fees that will fund park improvements.

Granite Regional skate park

Skate Park (PDF)

Northern California’s destination skate park, Granite Skate Park is a 45,000 sq. ft. facility, one of the largest skate parks in the country. The park was designed by award winning skate park designer Wally Hollyday, who included input from local skaters. This premier skate park has a combination of both bowls and a street course. There are eight bowls at Granite that range from novice to expert, with a challenging street course that winds through the park and includes a large plaza area. The bowls include a three-quarter pipe and coping that ranges from steel to the “pool” coping, the depth ranges from three to fifteen feet. The street course includes granite, steel & concrete edging, boxes, “stairs” & rails.