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James Mangan Park 

James Mangan Park aeriel view from Google Maps

2140 34th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95822
This is a 8.29 acre park | Restroom Open 24/7


Mangan Park Master Plan image and PDF link

Park Master Plan (PDF)

MapQuest Link


See Picnic page for park permitting documents and information
See Sports Fields page for Field permitting documents and information

Articles and Documents

City Continues to Work with the County on a Soil Remediation Plan at Mangan Park

Recent test results reveal sample areas are well-below commercial standard.

July 19, 2016 – Recent soil confirmation testing in Mangan Park on June 23 and 24 showed that there are five sample areas in the archery range area and one spot outside of the picnic area above 80 mg/kg of remediation goal, but below the commercial standard/occupational exposure standard of 320 mg/kg applicable for the range. The City is working with the County on a remediation plan for these specific areas. Please note, some areas of the archery range are fenced off to ensure safety and separation for those using the archery range, and other park visitors. The results are currently being reviewed by the County and more confirmation testing is expected to be required. The City will provide an update once the County has reviewed the recent test results and issued a directive for remediation. Also, removal of the soil and hardscapes around the building is expected to occur in early August.

Tests Reveal that Residential Sidewalks across from Mangan Park do not have Unsafe Levels of Lead

City completed the first directive outlined in Sacramento County’s Corrective Action Order

Additional nine tests this week show that the sidewalk areas across the street from the Mangan Park Rifle and Pistol Range do not have unsafe levels of lead. The City sampled areas along the residential side of 34th street, and the results were well under the lead limit for exterior horizontal surfaces (which also applies to children play areas) of 400 micrograms per square foot.

The hard-surface testing also included 15 areas around the range building, which found high lead levels in the parking lot drainage area and on the sidewalk leading to the main entrance. The fencing has been extended today to block off those areas. Six soil samples were also taken that identified one location in front of the building, within the fenced area, with a lead measurement slightly above the commercial standard of 320 milligrams per kilogram. The test results have been shared with Sacramento County and are posted on the City’s website.

This testing is in accordance with the first directive outlined in the Sacramento County’s Corrective Action Order received last week to address the lead contamination at the Mangan Park Rifle and Pistol Range. The City contracted with an outside consulting firm, Entek, to perform the tests.
The City’s number one priority is the health and safety of its residents. The City will continue to work with the County to address the remainder of the directives within the time-frame allotted.

The City of Sacramento is working in collaboration with the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department and the State Department of Toxic Substances Control on next steps. The prior soil and surface testing in the areas of Mangan Park near the range building showed that the park play areas are safe and do not have levels of lead in the soil or on surface areas that would exceed the residential lead standard. This includes the playground, archery range, soccer field, pool deck and picnic areas. All of these park areas tested well below the residential standard for lead in soil and on surfaces. Also the pool water tested clean.