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Skate Parks

Skaters at Granite Park


28th & B Outdoor Skate Clinics

Outdoor Sk8 Clinics at 3 parks:

Tanzanite Skate Park - July 13-15
Reichmuth Skate Park - July 27 - 29
Shasta Skate Park - August 3 - 5

Register Online now
or visit the
28th & B page for more information.

Skate Parks List

28th and B Skate Park
20 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

Baer Skate Park
7851 35th Avenue, East Broadway

Granite Skate Park
8200 Ramona Avenue, East Broadway

McClatchy Skate Park
3500 5th Avenue, East Broadway

Orchard Skate Park
2936 West River Drive, South Natomas

Regency Community Skate Park
5500 Honor Parkway, North Natomas

Reichmuth Skate Park
6135 Gloria Drive, Pocket Area

Robertson Skate Park
3525 Norwood Avenue, North Sacramento

Robla Community Skate Park
625 Bell Avenue, North Sacramento

Shasta Community Park Skate Park
7407 Shasta Avenue, South Sacramento

Tanzanite Skate Park
2220 Tanzanite Ave., North Natomas

Warren Skate Park
7420 Vandenberg Drive East Broadway

Wild Rose Skate Park
5200 Kankakee Drive, North Natomas

Winner's Circle Skate Park
2415 Evergreen Street, North Sacramento

Skate Park Rules

In order to ensure safety at our skate parks, all skatepark users must follow these rules:

The Sacramento City Code requires all skateboard riders and skaters to wear helmets, elbow pads and kneepads while riding at this facility. Any person failing to do so will be subject to citation pursuant to Sacramento City Code (Section 12.72.120).

Skateboarding, skating and other similar recreational activities occurring at this facility are hazardous recreational activities and create a substantial risk of serious injury or death to participants and spectators. The City of Sacramento is not liable for injuries incurred by persons participating in or observing these hazardous recreational activities (California Government Code Section 831.7, Health and Safety Code 115800).

  • This skatepark is unsupervised and open to the general public for skateboarding and in-line skating.
  • No bicycles are allowed in the skatepark
    (There is a BMX Park at South Natomas Community Park)
  • No glass or food in the skating area.
  • No alcohol permitted within the park.
  • Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of the skate park.
  • Place trash & recycling in cans provided.
  • No dogs or pets allowed in the skatepark.
  • The skatepark may be closed for maintenance as required.
  • Be a good neighbor to the surrounding area by keeping the skatepark clean and avoiding excessive noise or music.
  • Do not use this facility if hazardous conditions exist. Report any damage, hazards or injury immediately to the City Operator at 311.

Our parks are built for your enjoyment, please skate safely and responsibly.


McClatchy Skate Park Image