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Registration Policies

Now accepting checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

  1. Absolutely No cash, checks or money orders will be accepted at program site on the day of the event. We changed our registration policy for the safety of our staff and the people who attend our programs.

  2. Please completely fill out registration forms and print clearly. One registration per participant is required.

  3. Registrations must be received five days prior to the event date. You must pre-register for all programs. Any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact Phil Sinclair at 916-808-6045 or

  4. Be aware that mailing in registration does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

  5. Individuals whose checks bounce will be responsible for the amount of the check plus associated bank fees.

  6. If you are a rider of ParaTransit and you have a pick-up time later than thirty minutes after the scheduled end of the program, we that ask you find an alternative means home.

  7. We are unable to administer medication during program hours. Participants must be able to take own meds or have an attendant provided to assist them.

  8. Events costing $10 or more, personal assistants will need to cover the program fees.

  9. Refund Policy: Full Refund 72 hours prior to the event; 50% within 72 hours; No refunds day or after event.

  10. Any checks written less than 30 days in advance of the event, may delay refunds.

If you have questions call Philip Sinclair at 916-808-6045 or

Registration forms for Access Leisure must be mailed to:

Coloma Community Center / Phil Sinclair, Access Leisure
4623 T Street, Ste B, Sacramento, CA. 95819
Phone: 916-808-6045
Fax, Attn: Phil Sinclair, 916-454-3956
Make Checks Payable to: City of Sacramento

If you wish to register in person there are 3 locations / Hours vary:

  • Coloma Community Center,
    4623 T Street, Ste B, Sacramento, CA. 95819; 916-808-6060
  • Pannell Community Center,
    2450 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, CA. 95832; 916-808-6680
  • Natomas Community Center,
    2921 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA. 95833; 916-808-1571

You may also register online for our programs at: and use the free online registration.