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Why TechConnections?Instructor teaching computer and device techniques

Learn how TechConnections have made a difference in the lives of Sacramento’s older adults as well as the volunteer instructors who share their time and talents to enlighten students about the world of computer and online technology.


“TechConnections classes make a difference in people’s lives in many ways. I believe that all of the classes offered help to improve technological skills and abilities. This is not only good for the participants, but also helps them to connect to various family members who are currently active in today’s computerized world. They are now able to use email and Facebook to share pictures and keep up-to-date with their loved ones around the world. Another great fact is that being familiar with computers, or technology for that matter helps to make our lives easier. I love seeing that smile on someone’s face when that "light bulb" goes on. From filing their documents to paying bills online, by learning the basics through the classes offered at TechConnections, participants lives are changed forever.” 

- Christopher D. Godsey, Volunteer

“I always look forward to teaching the computer classes at the Hart Senior Center. It is gratifying to help others learn valuable skills and knowledge. I am thankful for the opportunity and find this volunteer work truly rewarding!”

- Dawn Castle, Volunteer


“I feel I am a stranger in this world where most of the people around and in everyday life, talk about computer use. So I decided that late is better than never and I began to look for a place where I can benefit, and here I am…”

- Sundus Al.Rubaye

“I love the class and it’s very informative. I took the class to learn about e-mail …spreadsheets…possibly get a job.”

- Bridget Gobea

“When I run into an issue, I call my son. He rolls his eyes and says, ‘Mom, I already showed you that.’ Now, I am no longer as intimidated by computers. Life is a little less stressful.” 

- Bonnye Whamond


“By eliminating unwanted clutter it has given me time for other things. For example, installing AdBlockPlus had eliminated already hundreds of ads that have been a bother for years. Learning to use “bcc” in forwarding emails will provide more security to me and to the recipients.”

- Ward Marshall

“At 83 years old I found myself losing intellectual language skills. On top of that, I had remorse for not having familiarized myself with skills for the computer age. The three classes I took with TechConnections have helped me to challenge my language skills and to discipline myself in a way that made my life more interesting and satisfying in my daily activities.”

- Mario Gonzalez