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Annual Report

Each year, the Sacramento Police Department highlights the activities of the department in an Annual Report. Download the reports in Adobe PDF format by clicking on a link below:

Sacramento Police Department 2016 annual report cover
2016 Annual Report
(7.0 MB PDF)

Previous Annual Reports

2015 Annual Reportt (7.4 MB PDF)

2014 Annual Report  (8.2 MB PDF) 

2013 Annual Report (7.7 MB PDF)

2012 Annual Report (8.7 MB PDF)

2011 Annual Report  (13 MB PDF)

2010 Annual Report (5 MB PDF)

2009 Annual Report  (7.8 MB PDF) 

2008 Annual Report (7 MB PDF)

2006 Annual Report  (10.1 MB PDF)

2005 Annual Report (4.1 MB PDF)

2004 Annual Report  (4.7 MB PDF)

2003 Annual Report (13.1 MB PDF)

2002 Annual Report  (3.8 MB PDF)

1999 Annual Report (10.4 MB PDF)

1998 Annual Report  (9.8 MB PDF)

1997 Annual Report (8.4 MB PDF)

Note: The PDF documents on this page will require you to have,
at a minimum, Adobe Acrobat Reader, to read these documents.