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Impact Team


The Vision of the Sacramento Police Department is to make Sacramento the safest big city in California, a step in obtaining that vision is identifying areas of opportunity, forming partnerships, protecting our community, crime prevention and intervention, taking ownership of our city, and showing professionalism in everything that we do. 

Sacramento is home to more than 2000 people who suffer from homelessness.  As a result Sacramento Police understands that compassionate policing, wrap around services, and building long term partnerships are necessary in addressing the needs of those experiencing homelessness.  As such, Sacramento Police has formed the IMPACT team.

The IMPACT team provides outreach and engagement services throughout the City of Sacramento.  They are the city’s initial point of contact with both chronic homeless and inebriates living on the streets.  The team seeks out and engage chronically homeless persons and, for those who are willing, get them in contact with service providers who can provide housing and other services.   The teams work together to assess the homeless person’s problems, and identify how to help them from a range of solutions.  Whether their homelessness had been caused by loss of income, psychological problems, substance abuse, lack of job training, or other problems, multiple options are available to assist each person. 

To report homeless encampments please click here for more details.

Click here for our Homeless Response Metrics monthly statistics. 


The IMPACT team consists of two areas of focus:  Mobile Crisis Support Team and Homeless Outreach Team (HOT).

Mobile Crisis Support Team

The Mobile Crisis Support Team is comprised of a specially trained officer and licensed mental health professional.  Together, they respond on scene to situations involving people who are experiencing a mental health related crisis and have come to the attention of law enforcement.  The Mobile Crisis Support team also does follow up visits, evaluate for mental issues in the field, refers those who qualify to Mental Health Court, and provides the most clinically appropriate resolution to the crisis by linking people to the least restrictive level of care that is appropriate. 

Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)

The Homeless Outreach Team works with the city’s chronic homeless to determine the problems and identify services that can help.  This is achieved through the coordination of law enforcement, criminal justice, and many service providers.

The IMPACT team works with many partners throughout the community to do a wide range of tasks; from cleaning up abandoned campsites, enforcement in multi-jurisdiction areas, and aligning services for those in need.  These services include long-term housing, food assistance, and alcohol/drug rehab.  Below is a list of the partners we work with:

List of additional Sacramento Services and Providers