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Officer-Involved Shooting:  September 11, 2017



On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 9:29 p.m., a Sacramento Police Department K-9 officer, observed a subject recklessly driving a large pick-up truck northbound Marysville Boulevard.  As the officer got behind the vehicle to prepare for an enforcement stop, the truck turned eastbound on South Avenue at a high rate of speed and rammed through the closed security gate of the William J. Kinney Police Facility at 3550 Marysville Boulevard.  

Once in the parking lot, the vehicle struck a parked patrol vehicle and continued to smash through the locked emergency exit gate onto Rosalind Street.  The vehicle collided with the front gate of a residence on the south side of Rosalind Street where it came to a stop. K-9 “Reno” was deployed after the suspect attempted to flee from the vehicle.  During the deployment of the K-9, the suspect fought the dog off multiple times.  K-9 “Reno” sustained two large lacerations to his abdomen and was immediately transported to a local veterinarian hospital for treatment.  K-9 “Reno” continues to recover from his injuries and is expected to survive. 

During this initial apprehension effort, 18-year veteran of the Sacramento Police Department, Officer Matthew Nichols discharged his firearm four (4) times, striking 42-year-old Fernando Sanchez one (1) time in his lower extremities.  Sanchez was able to elude capture and fled to a nearby residence where he assaulted the homeowner with a metal pipe.  After the assault, he gained access to the home where he remained held up in for several minutes.  

A short time later, the suspect re-emerged with the victim’s car keys and a second altercation occurred with the homeowner.  Officers responded, utilized their CED (Conducted Energy Device) and detained the suspect.  He was transported to an area hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.  

On September 15, 2017, Sanchez was booked into the Sacramento County Jail for robbery, attempted car-jacking, assault with a deadly weapon, evading, felony vandalism and malicious mischief charges.  He continues to recover from his injuries and is expected to survive.

This investigation is still active so certain details can’t be released due to the on-going administrative review and criminal investigation.  It is being investigated by the Sacramento Police Department Homicide Unit.   Additionally, the investigation will be monitored by our Internal Affairs Division and investigators from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office. The Office of Public Safety Accountability will have full access to all investigative material.

Press Releases


 Damaged Kinney Station fence
Kinney Station security fence/gate

damaged police vehicle
  Police officer's vehicle


suspect truck crashed into neighboring fence
Neighboring fence damaged by suspect's truck



The Department recognizes the importance of releasing the videos which captured the event in a timely manner and has made every effort to redact them to adhere to the City Council’s policy on Police Use of Force.

On October 9, 2017, The Department released a total of (29) videos consisting of (17) Body Worn (BWC) and (12) In-Car Camera (ICC) videos.  It also contained dispatch audio files and radio traffic from officers during the incident.  

All video and audio files released have been redacted to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those involved.  The faces have been blurred, as outlined by the City Council policy.  Audio redactions are signified by muted audio with no accompanying sound.  

These videos may contain graphic images and/or profane language. Disclaimer: Personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, identities ETC.) have been redacted in the audio/video clips to protect the privacy of those involved.


Once the investigation is complete, it will be submitted to the Sacramento District Attorney for review.

Documents from 2017-262117 (PDF 199 KB)