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officer-involved shootings
(and other incidents of force resulting in serious injury or death)


When officers use force that results in serious bodily injury or death, an extensive and thorough investigation will take place. The Sacramento Police Department’s Homicide unit, Internal Affairs unit, and Force Investigation Team will respond to the scene to investigate. The Force Investigation Team will lead the administrative investigation as it relates to policy, tactics, and training. Additionally, investigators from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and the City of Sacramento’s Office of Public Safety Accountability will respond to provide oversight to these units.

Once the investigation is completed by SPD, it is forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office which reviews the case to determine if the officer(s) actions were lawful.  After the District Attorney’s investigation and review, a written report is issued which details factual and legal findings.  This report is made available to the public. If it is found that the officer(s) actions were unlawful, the District Attorney will make the determination on how the case will proceed.  The District Attorney’s Office provides detailed information about Police Use of Force on its webpage which includes their written protocol, frequently asked questions and reports by date of incident.  See the below links: 

The Sacramento Police Department conducts a Preliminary Review for any incident wherein in an officer discharges their firearm at another person. This is an initial, high-level review of the incident to evaluate our organizational performance in any significant event.

Once the Sacramento Police Department's Homicide Unit has completed their investigation, and upon completion of the administrative investigation, the Sacramento Police Department conducts a final policy review. This review determines whether the actions of our employee(s) are in compliance with department policy.