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Curbside Charging

Sacramento is working to remove barriers to EV access and encourage residents to drive EVs. The City is also supporting employees and visitors charging in Sacramento throughout the day. With a high concentration of employees and multi-family housing in Downtown, allowing on-street EV charging “curbside” in the public right-of-way can support a more diverse array of EV drivers. Highly-visible curbside chargers can provide charging for residents without a garage or dedicated off-street parking, while also supporting the needs of Sacramento’s workforce. 

On July 17, 2017, the Sacramento City Council approved an agreement with EVgo for the first curbside charging project for Sacramento. Through this pilot effort, the City is developing guidance for future curbside charger installations. The guidance is anticipated for release by late 2017. 


In partnership with the City, EVgo is developing up to six chargers and ten designated EV parking spaces in the public right-of-way at Southside Park. All work will be completed at no cost to the City. The new chargers will be 150-kilowatt (kW) high-power DC fast chargers, a new generation of technology that can provide up to 240-mile range in as few as 20 to 30 minutes. The EVgo chargers will be available as a paid service for EV drivers. These will be the first “curbside” chargers in Sacramento, and an innovative demonstration as one of the first high power charging stations in California. 

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Venema, Sustainability Manager, at (916) 808-1859.