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Franklin Boulevard Complete Street conceptual rendering The Funding and Project Development section initiates engineering projects on public city-owned roadways; these projects are called Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs). The F&PD team starts by evaluating the feasibility of potential projects, and then carries the CIP through the preliminary stages of engineering design. As part of this process, the F&PD group will obtain the required environmental clearances, engage the community and stakeholders to get input, and line up funding sources for final design and construction. 

The goals of the Funding & Project Development team are to initiate projects that are feasible, fundable, reflect the needs and goals of the community, and provide safe mobility for all users. Example CIPs include:

  • Reconfiguring existing roadways for all travel modes, including bikes, pedestrians and transit
  • Streetscape improvements on older corridors to create more walkable environments
  • Replacing and rehabilitating old bridges
  • Highway interchange improvements
  • New traffic signals and hybrid beacons
  • Operational improvements to enhance efficiency
  • Roadway extensions to provide new access

All projects include meeting current accessibility and bikeway standards when feasible. In addition, the Funding and Project Development section works with the Active Modes Specialist to identify CIPs that assist in fulfilling the goals of the Vision Zero Program and the Bikeway Master Plan.

Transportation Programming Guide

The Transportation Programming Guide (TPG) is a comprehensive document that outlines the City's current and future transportation needs. Other priority documents include the General Plan, the Bikeway Master Plan and the Pedestrian Master Plan.

Transportation Funding

Transportation projects are funded through a variety of federal, state, and local fund sourcesVery few transportation projects are funded with only local funds, so the Funding and Project Development section administers a grant match program that leverages local funds by using them to match state and federal grants. The Funding and Project Development section prepares the applications requesting these funds, including preliminary engineering drawings and estimates. Grant funding is sought from such grant programs as the Highway Bridge Program (HBP), the State and Regional Active Transportation Program, the Community Design Funding Program, the Regional Local Funding Program, and others. 

Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Program

The City is making our streets more accessible for all users by removing obstacles and adding or improving infrastructure that is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


View projects that the Funding and Project Development Section is currently managing, as well as additional information on projects that are currently in progress, and that have recently been completed. View a list of proposed projects in which Engineering Services may be seeking future Requests for Proposals and/or Bids (pdf).