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34th Street Rehabilitation Project

Project Description

The segment of 34th Street between 5th Avenue and Truckee Way was identified as an opportunity area to incorporate active transportation and safety improvements. The project will include base repair and cape seal placement over the entire street. Existing cross walks will be improved, and new bicycle lanes and bulb-outs will be constructed. A rectangular rapid flashing beacon will be installed at the intersection of X Street and 34th Street to stop traffic and provide a safe and recognized crossing for students and staff.

34th street plan     Line is resurfacing limit and class II bike lanes, red circle is pedestrian crossing, yellow triangle is RRFB, blue circle is relocated bus stop, green rectangle is pedestrian curb ramp.


This project will:

  • Install a rectangular rapid flashing beacon to improve the safety and visibility of bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Rehabilitate the street pavement to prolong the useful life of the street.
  • Install bulb-outs to reduce the amount of time it takes for students to cross the street.
  • Improve bicycle connectivity with the implementation of Class II Bike lanes.

Cost and Funding

The total cost to complete design and construction for the project is $2.5 million.


Construction will begin August and continue through November 2022.


Kelli Lacy, Project Manager
Office: (916) 808-8157