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What is Measure B?


This November, Sacramento county residents will have the opportunity to consider Measure B, which if approved by 2/3 of voters, will enact a county-wide half-cent sales tax that would raise approximately $120 million annually in funding dedicated to capital operations and maintenance for roads, freeways and public transit.

The Measure B Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP), which outlines how funds will be allocated for all modes of transportation throughout the County, resulted from a multi-year process that involved input from city and county engineers, planning staff and members of the community.

Measure B prioritizes fix-it-first investments to address transportation maintenance and rehabilitation projects. It would supplement the County’s existing Measure A program.

If passed, how will Measure B impact the City of Sacramento?

Measure B will help the City of Sacramento attract and secure matching state and federal funds and will provide revenue for improvement projects. Transportation projects that the City of Sacramento could pursue with Measure B funds include a new American River bridge that will serve all modes of transportation, a Capital City freeway congestion relief project, separated bikeways in downtown Sacramento, implementation of projects listed in the City’s Bicycle Master Plan, and other road and public transit enhancements over the next 30 years.

Below are some of the additional transportation improvement projects that the City of Sacramento could pursue if voters approve Measure B in November.

  • Resurfacing the majority of neighborhood streets in 10 years or less.
  • Resurfacing of arterial and non-residential streets and upgrading traffic signals and pedestrian and bicycle accessibility.
    • Natomas Blvd from North Park Dr to Elkhorn Blvd
    • E Commerce Way from Del Paso Rd to Elkhorn Blvd
    • Marysville Blvd from North Avenue to Del Paso Blvd
    • Grand Ave from Marysville Blvd to Winters St
    • Dry Creek Rd from North Ave to Ascot Ave
    • Stockton Blvd from Alhambra to 39th St
    • West El Camino Ave from Truxel Rd to Fairweather Dr
    • H St from Alhambra Blvd to 50th St
    • Q St from 13th Street to 29th St
    • Broadway from Front St to 19th St
    • Seamas Ave / Fruitridge Rd from Freeport Blvd to I-5
    • Broadway from Y St to San Diego Way
    • Fruitridge Rd from west of Ethel Way to 65th St
    • Florin Perkins Road from Elder Creek Road to Jackson Rd
    • 65th St Expressway from 4th Ave to the South City Limits
    • Florin Rd from Riverside Blvd to Freeport Blvd
    • Center Parkway from City limit to Mack Rd and Sheldon Rd to Cosumnes River Blvd
    • Mack Rd / Meadowview Rd from Center Parkway to I-5 

You can find more information about Measure B and the projects it would fund at the SacramentoGo website

Measure B Public Information Fact Sheet

Measure B Fact Sheet.