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Photo of water drops and a hand

Clean, pure water is often taken for granted as if resources were infinite. In reality, our water resources are finite, and will likely become more limited in the future due to population growth and climate change.

The City of Sacramento recognizes that we must act today to ensure adequate water resources in the future. Key measures include: Improving efficiency of irrigation systems and appliances; motivating individuals to conserve water through community education and rebate programs, installing water meters and implementing a metered water pricing structure.

Photo of a House    Photo of a House

As much as 60% of Sacramento’s residential water use goes to irrigating residential landscapes. Replacing thirsty lawns with drought tolerant plants, installing drip irrigation, and topping with mulch, can conserve a significant amount of water and cut back on maintenance chores.


  • Achieve a 20 percent reduction in per capita water consumption by the year 2020
  • Retrofit City facilities and infrastructure as appropriate, to improve water efficiency.

What's being done?


What can I do?

Install a water-efficient landscape and irrigation system.

Keep your irrigation system in good repair.

Get an auto shut-off nozzle or sprinkler-timer for your hose.

Irrigate deeply and as infrequently as possible to promote deep roots.

Apply 3”-5” of mulch to planter areas to slow evaporation and prevent weeds.