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Alley Information & Services

Services Provided

The City currently has 1,200 alleys. Historically, alley maintenance has been performed on a reactive basis to customer complaints. However, improvements have been made in the last several years to provide increased maintenance in various ways:

  • Alleys identified with chronic weed and vegetation control problems are now proactively maintained using spray four times a year to inhibit vegetation growth.
  • Dust control in semi-improved alleys is now accomplished using a new process found to be very effective. With a single application once or twice annually, dust problems are essentially non-existent.

Sacramento Regional Conservation Corp (SRCC) crews of up to 10 people are hired to clean alleys of brush, weeds, tree limbs, remove debris and perform other routine maintenance services.

Alley Types





Portland concrete
cement (PCC) or
asphalt concrete
cement (ACC) or


Native surface (dirt)


Patching and
general repairs as

Re-grading, weed
and dust control

Vegetation and
debris removal and
dust control

Alley Related Issues

For issues such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Weeds and overgrown vegetation
  • Running water in alley such as broken or leaking waterline
  • Illegal dumping such as household trash, appliances, tires, etc.
  • Surface maintenance such as uneven alley access, potholes and standing water due to poor drainage

Dial 311 or use the 311 app and give the exact alley location e.g. "alley behind [street address]".
For surface related issues, please give the surface type (gravel, dirt, concrete, asphalt).

How to get an Alley Paved

For more information on getting an alley paved, please contact:

(916) 808 - 1392

NOTE: Average cost for a PCC (Portland Concrete Cement) alley in midtown is $65,000 and requires buy-in of adjacent property owners that adjoin alley.