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CalRecycle Grant

The California Department of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery (CalRecycle) provides the Rubberized Pavement Grant Program to promote markets for recycled-content surfacing products derived from waste tires generated in California and decrease the adverse environmental impacts created by unlawful disposal and stockpiling of waste tires.

In January 2019, CalRecycle approved $4 million in Rubberized Pavement Grant funding for several projects throughout the state. The City of Sacramento is one of the communities that has received $190,528.00 in grant funding for our FY2019-2020 rubberized chip seal resurfacing project.

Rubberized chip seal combines ground waste tire rubber with traditional paving materials to create a safer, longer-lasting, quieter, and more cost-effective road surface.

The resurfacing involves:

  • An application of a hot rubberized asphalt binder on the existing pavement.
  • Followed by a layer of specialized high strength aggregate rock. The binder material contains a minimum of 15 percent (by weight) of tire-derived crumb rubber per ton of rubberized binder.Only California-generated waste tires are used in the crumb rubber portion of the project.
  • Hot rubberized binder can fill cracks and help bind and seal the existing pavement surface. 
  • Then aggregate rock is compacted into the asphalt binder and the excess rock is immediately swept up.  This type of resurfacing is more appropriate for lower-traffic roadways. It is estimated that about 500 waste tires per lane mile are used. 


The City of Sacramento estimates that approximately 12,000 - 15,000 waste tires were diverted from the waste stream and used in this chip seal resurfacing project. 

 .Cal Recycle

*CalRecycle’s core mission is to reduce the amount of solid waste disposed in California. One of the core strategies involved in this effort is to encourage/facilitate the increased diversion of materials from landfill disposal for reuse and recycling. Fundamental to the success of any recycling effort is the development of markets for the recycled-content products produced from these materials.

The CalRecycle logo may not be reproduced without the express written permission of CalRecycle.