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Permits & Ordinances

When is a Permit Needed?

Permits are required for work on any “City Street Tree or “Heritage Tree”. City street trees are those trees growing in a planting strip between the sidewalk and curb or in an otherwise dedicated planting area within the City right-of-way. Heritage trees are defined as trees with a circumference one hundred inches or more that are of good quality in terms of health, structure and vigor and location for its species.

If you plan to perform work on any City street tree or Heritage tree, download the Tree Permit Application (pdf).

Contractor Requirements

Sacramento City Code 12.56.140 requires that persons or firms that perform maintenance on any City street tree are required to register with the City. Contact our office for further information.

Parking Lot Shade Design Guidelines

With a few exceptions, chapter 12.612.040 requires that trees be planted and maintained in order to provide a minimum of 50% shade over a parking lot. Planting, soil volumes and maintenance must comply with the City’s Parking Lot Shading Design and Maintenance Guidelines (pdf).

Sacramento City Ordinances

Please note that Sacramento's Tree Ordinances are currently under review, and will soon change.  For more information regarding the effort to update these ordinances, see Strategic Plan & Ordinance Review.