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employee parking

Discounted Employee Parking Program (DEPP): Employees who work within specific boundaries in the downtown area and who meet program wage requirements are eligible to obtain an access card to select City-owned garages and park at a discount of $0.50 per hour.

Part-time Employee Parking Program (P-TEP): Employees who work within specific boundaries in the downtown area for 30 hours or less per week and who meet program wage requirements eligible to obtain an access  card to select City-owned garages and park at a discount of $1.00 per hour.

Bicycle Parking Program: Individual bicycle lockers are available for rent in all City-owned garages for the low cost of $5 per month.

Alternative Mode Commuter Option (AMCO): Discount parking pass program for those who regularly use alternative modes of transportation (light rail, bus, bicycle, etc.), but occasionally drives to work. This program saves participants over 50% on the cost of daily parking. Passes are sold in groups of 12 and have a one-year expiration date. New passes can be purchased once every quarter.  

Carpool Discount: Select garages and surface lots offer carpool rates that are significantly lower than the monthly parking rate. Specific program requirements apply.

Monthly Parking: Monthly parking offers a discount over the daily rate to those who need to park in garages or surface lots on a daily basis. 

Electric Vehicle Parking: Drivers of vehicles registered with the California DMV as 100% electric may qualify for monthly parking for free or at a discounted rate depending on the garage they choose to park.