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Alternate Mode Commuter Option (AMCO)

What is AMCO?

AMCO is a discount parking pass program available to individuals who work in the downtown area and utilize alternate modes of transportation (e.g. transit, carpool, bicycle, etc.).

Why should I participate in AMCO?

If you are an employee in the downtown area who normally utilizes an alternate mode of transportation (e.g., carpool, transit, bicycle, etc.), but occasionally drives individually to work, you can save nearly 50% off the cost of all-day garage parking.

how does AMCO work?

Individuals may purchase a set of AMCO parking passes each quarter. There are twelve (12) passes in a set. To apply, please complete sections A & B on the application. An application must be on file prior to purchase. AMCO passes are only valid at City of Sacramento garages.

purchasing AMCO passes

An application must be submitted and approved prior to purchase. Passes may be purchased in-person at the Revenue Division. Passes cannot be mailed. Prices and available locations are as follows:

$78 for a set of 12 allows parking at:

  • Memorial Garage
  • Old Sacramento Garage
  • Tower Bridge Garage

$96 for a set of 12 allows parking at:

  • Capitol Garage
  • City Hall Garage