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Electric Vehicle Parking

Electric vehicle plugged in and charging

Electric vehicle chargers in City of Sacramento parking garages are available for use by the public. There is no cost to plug in, however daily parking rates still apply. See the table below for locations, types, and quantities of electric vehicle chargers. Electric vehicles parked on the street are still subject to posted parking regulations, including payment of meter fees.

SPECIAL Monthly Parking RATES for Qualifying Individuals

Electric vehicles that are owned or leased by individuals or enterprises are eligible for special monthly parking rates in designated parking facilities. To qualify for the Electric Vehicle Parking Program, vehicles must be 100 percent electric. Hybrid vehicles do not qualify for the electric vehicle program. To determine if your vehicle is eligible, DMV must designate your vehicle as being all electric. Please reference the Motor Power (MP) field on your DMV registration. Qualifying electric vehicles have the letter “E” reflected in the (MP) field while hybrid vehicles are designated by the letter “Q”. Possession of a monthly pass does not guarantee parking space. All parking is on an availability basis.

To apply for an Electric Vehicle Monthly Parking Permit, please  complete an EV Monthly Parking Application. Permits are garage-specific and based on availability. Please email us to check availability. Free EV parking in select garages is only available with a valid Monthly EV Parking Permit. 

 Garage Facility   EV Monthly Rate 
 Tower Bridge Garage  Free
 Old Sacramento Garage  Free
 City Hall Garage  50% of City Hall Garage Regular Monthly Rate
 Capitol Garage  50% of Capitol Garage Regular Monthly Rate
 Memorial Garage  50% of Memorial Garage Regular Monthly Rate

Applications will not be processed until a valid DMV registration reflecting "E" (under MP field) is received by the Parking Services Division via fax at (916) 808-5115 or via email as an attachment to with your first initial and full last name in the subject line. For EV Monthly Parking Permits requiring a monthly fee, please follow the payment instructions detailed on the EV application

Additional Terms and Conditions

Free or reduced rate parking only applies to drivers with a valid monthly parking permit. Submission of an application does not constitute automatic free or reduced rate parking privileges. Applicants are responsible for any parking fees incurred during the application approval time period. Once an access card is issued to the driver of any electric vehicle, failure to have the card upon entrance and exit from the garage will subject the driver to payment of the garage's posted daily rate.


Submission of an updated DMV vehicle registration is required each year to keep the account activated. Expiration of the account is based on the expiration date reflected on the DMV registration. Renewals must be submitted within 30 days prior to the DMV expiration date to prevent interruption of service. Please fax updated registration to (916) 808-5115 or email as an attachment to with your first initial and full last name in the subject line. 

Charger Locations and Types

Please ensure that the plug types listed are compatible with your particular vehicle.

*UPDATE JULY 2014: EV Chargers are no longer available at any Downtown Plaza garages

Map of garage locations

Garage Location and Entrances EV Charger Model QTY Level
Capitol Garage: 10th & L St. Inductive Small Paddle 3 2nd Level
SAE-J1772 3 2nd Level
City Hall Garage: 10th & I St., 11th & I St. Inductive Sm Paddle Gen2 Plus 1 2nd Level
Inductive Sm Paddle Gen3 6 8th Level
SAE-J1772 10 2nd & 8th Level
Conductive-Avcon 10 2nd & 8th Level
Tower Bridge Garage: Front St. & Capitol Mall SAE-J1772 5 1st Level
Old Sacramento Garage: 2nd & I St. SAE-J1772 4 1st Level
Memorial Garage: 14th & H, 15th & I St. SAE-J1772 6 1st Level