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Merchant Validation Program

As participants in this program, merchants are able to purchase parking coupons in bulk at a discount and issue to customers who spend $5 or more in merchandise or services at their establishment. There are several options available to meet the parking validation needs of interested merchants. Merchants must register and be approved to participate in the program. Once enrolled, ordering more coupons is easy with the online re-order form.

Participating merchants may also request a free City of Sacramento window cling sign to display to inform potential customers that $5 merchant validation coupons are available with purchase. Customers appreciate the discounted parking as they visit their favorite stores and restaurants!

Validation Coupons

Merchant validation coupons will deduct up to $5 off the customer's total parking charges. There is no cash value for parking charges less than $5. These coupons are only valid at City-owned garages. Merchants must inform customers as to the garage facility where the validation may be used.   

Validation coupons allow one-time use and utilize an advanced QR code specifically coded to the participant merchant account. Validations are redeemed upon exit at the garage by either presenting both the validation and parking ticket to a parking  lot attendant or inserting the parking ticket into an exit reader, then scanning the QR code from the parking coupon to view and pay for the discounted parking fee.

Validation coupons expire one year from date of issuance. Unused coupons or expired validations are non-refundable, however may be re-issued with new expiration dates. To request re-issuance of unused or expired coupons with new expiration dates, please return the unused coupons with your contact information to: City of Sacramento – Revenue, Attn: Validations, 915 I Street Room 1214,  Sacramento CA 95814. All submissions of unused or expired validations are subject to review. A representative from Revenue will contact you to arrange pick up of the re-issued validation coupons. Customers cannot request re-issuance of any unused or expired validation coupon received from participating merchants. 



Validations are garage-specific. Upon application, merchant must indicate the preferred City-owned garage where customers most likely will park. This program is only available at City-owned garages.  Validations are programmed to the registered merchant and allow one-time use per coupon. Only one validation may be used at a time., Validations cannot be combined with any other discount program, including but not limited to, Early Bird Specials, Commuter Specials or Pre-pay events (when flat fee collected at the entrance).

Merchants and their employees are prohibited from using Merchant Validation coupons for their own personal parking or allowing associates to use the validation without purchase of a minimum of $5 in goods or services. Use of these validations by merchants or employees may result in termination from the program. It is the responsibility of the merchant to inform employees that use of Merchant Validation coupons issued by their employer is prohibited.

Employees using their DEPP or PTEP discount cannot use a Merchant Validation coupon to pay for parking. Use of any other discount with a DEPP or PTEP card is a violation of the DEPP and PTEP regulations and may result in termination of the employee from DEPP or PTEP. 


Alternative, paperless validation options will be coming soon! New features will include sending validation QR codes to your customer phones to scan at the exit, printing the validation directly onto your sales receipt, or validating customer parking tickets online so no extra coupons are needed. An option to rent a specialized validation printer and produce coupons will also be available if paperless options or visiting the Revenue Division do not work for your business.


If your business needs require a customized validation other than the amount offered through the standard $5 validation coupon, there may be other options available to you. To inquire about your specific needs and what the best option is for your business, contact the Sacramento City 311 to place an inquiry (916) 264-5011 or email