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Visit these pages for periodic updates on the City's continual efforts to modernize the parking system

Parking Improvement Plan Fact Sheet

SACPARK METERS are smart meters

The City is striving to make the downtown experience more convenient, pleasant and accessible. The implementation of smart meters opens the door for innovative ways to manage the parking supply. SacPark meter pricing is a tier-based model that offers motorists the option of extending a metered parking session beyond the posted time limit. This new pricing structure will be available at all short-term meters by the Fall of 2016.


Find information about the City of Sacramento parking system including meter locations, residential permit parking zones and City-owned and managed parking garages and lots.


As part of the modernization effort, the Parking Services is in the process of upgrading its equipment and offering more online services to better serve its customers.


The Parking Services Division employs parking professionals with extensive experience in the field. If you own or operate a parking facility, we can provide you solutions and management services to improve operational efficiencies that will increase your revenue potential and provide your customers a positive experience.


The Sacramento City Council approved an increase to parking operating hours for metered and non-metered spaces from Front Street through 19th Street, and C Street to W Street. In addition, all Residential Permit Parking (RPP) areas within the Central City will have operating hours extended until 10 p.m. Therefore, any streets past 19th Street with a Residential Permit Parking zone will have signage reflecting operating hours until 10 p.m.

Updates to signage reflecting the new operating hours for both metered and non-metered spaces will happen in phases. New operating hours will not be in effect until after September 1, 2016. Warnings, not parking citations, will be issued for the first 30 days.

An online Temporary Residential Permit option will be made available to residents before October 15th for those residents who need to accommodate extra guests. These printable passes will allow for up to 24-hours of parking. Residents with a valid Residential permit on file will be able to create an online account and print up to 10 passes per month for guests. Passes must be visibly displayed on the dashboard of the guest vehicle. Guests with Disabled Placards are exempt from permit requirements for up to 72 hours of parking.

Residents who plan to host small gatherings or parties may contact Sacramento City 311 within 5 days prior to the event to request an accommodation by Parking Enforcement for their gathering. Requests may also be emailed to Residents are responsible for notifying their neighbors of their gathering as any complaints reported to Parking Enforcement by neighbors will result in officer response to the site. Re-occurring weekly events are not eligible for this service.


As the increase of special event activity is expected in the coming months, garages and meters in select locations may charge special event rates to regulate the parking supply. Event rates are expected to only be in effect for two hours before an event.


In 2006, City staff commissioned a study that focused on the management of the parking supply to address the demand anticipated within the Central City. The Central City Parking Master Plan provided staff the direction to start the process of change.

Advances in parking technology and web-based systems that developed in the years that followed provided the gateway of exploration into non-conventional techniques and innovative changes to the City's parking operation. This includes the introduction of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology on parking enforcement vehicles, mobile payment systems in parking lots, digital meters to replace the mechanical versions dating from 1944, Pay & Display meters, online services for customers and a new Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS).

In August 2012, Sacramento City Council adopted the term, "Parking Modernization" to focus on the following areas of improvement to the City's parking system:

  • Technology & Rate Enhancements
  • System Expansion
  • Parking Policy & Legislative Reform

In April 2014, a partnership with Walker Parking Consultants and City staff resulted in a 12-month study of the parking program to implement a variety of parking management strategies to maximize the use of the existing parking supply. Since then, Parking Services has invested in enhanced technologies to better manage its resources while serving the City's residents, businesses and visitors. Implementation of creative parking programs are expected to promote vehicle turnover, encourage the use of alternate modes of transportation, improve air quality and provide efficient transportation management.