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SacPark® Purchase Terms & Conditions

All online purchases secured through, and the SacPark app are subject to listed parking rates per location, availability, and terms. Purchases or transfers of parking not made directly through the SacPark reservation system cannot be guaranteed and may put you at risk for being denied entry at that specific parking facility.


Only one valid booking will be permitted for entry and exit. Duplicated bookings are not permitted.


There are two types of online parking bookings available for purchase: Daily and Event specific.

Daily Parking

Daily parking rates vary according to Parking Location and Parking Operator. Rates by location are subject to change at any time. Currently, only daily parking for Commuter Parking (SacPass) is available for purchase.

SacPass parking entry and departure times requirements must be met for the daily parking savings to be valid. Additional parking usage outside of the valid times on a SacPass will incur daily parking fees.

SacPass Usage Requirements:                                         

Exclusive use Monday through Friday ENTER between 4:00AM - 10:00AM and EXIT between 4:00PM - 6:00PM.

Parking outside of the booking times and exclusive use requirements will incur additional parking fees. Additional parking fees due will accrue at facility posted market rates.

Daily purchasing limits apply (one SacPass purchase per day per customer). Online inventories may be temporarily unavailable or available in limited quantities on scheduled event days to accommodate potential impact.

Event/Venue Parking

Event parking reservations are valid for one parking session and will not allow in-out privileges. Participating private Certified Parking Partnered location parking entry/exit times and rates vary. Event listings for Downtown Core venues vary according to weekday, hours, availability, location contracts in place, and Certified Parking Partner participation.

Transferring/Sharing booking(s)

Transferring a parking booking is not recommended, as any option available would potentially remove the association of the purchased transaction to the original purchaser. Information is available on the SacPark FAQ section. The City of Sacramento is not liable for purchases, transfers or duplication of parking passes resulting in voided passes or denial of entry into a parking facility.

Promotional & Discounts

Online reservations are not valid in conjunction with any other discounts, coupon or validation offered by any participating location or Certified Parking Partner. Promotional rates that are offered for participating locations will reflect the location rate advertised when making a purchase.

Cancelations & Refunds

Canceled parking bookings of any type will not be valid for use at the parking locations. Parking purchase cancelations are available up to 24 hours prior to the reservation event date and time at most parking facilities. Self-cancelations can be processed within the SacPark website or the App prior to the start of the parking start time. Approved refund requests processed will apply the refund monies back to the original credit card used at time of purchase.


Refund requests can be submitted online through the purchased account or by contacting the City of Sacramento directly.


Season Ticketholder Package purchases require assistance from Customer Service and cannot be canceled after the first scheduled reservation event date and time have started. Please call Sacramento City 311 or 264-5011 for Season Ticketholder Parking Package cancelation assistance.

Contact Information

For additional information you may contact the City of Sacramento at:


City of Sacramento

300 Richards Blvd., Suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95814

Sacramento City Operator Service  3-1-1 or (916) 264-5011


By purchasing daily/event parking online via SacPark, you agree to the purchasing agreement terms and conditions specified.