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parking Meters

Smart Meters

A new smart parking meter that accepts credit cards

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In February 2014, the City of Sacramento deployed 4,000 single-space, smart meters on the streets to offer drivers more convenient payment options. In addition to the traditional method of paying for parking with coins, these meters allow drivers the option of using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards. Meter debit cards are now discontinued due to the implementation of these smart meters. 

The City of Sacramento offers affordable meter rates, including select locations with discounted long-term rates to accommodate those who work downtown. 

how to use a smart meter

Learn about what smart meters offer and watch this informative video! Please note that in any city, rate structures may vary, however the payment functionality of the meters is generally the same.


meter locations

All meter locations are available on the interactive parking map. The map may also be filtered to show the locations of specific meter types.


SacPark Tier-Based Pricing (Normal Operations)

Special Event Tiered Pricing (within 3 blocks of Golden 1 Center)

Meter Rates and Operating Periods Homepage

do i need to pay the meter?

The meter rate and hours when payment is required (operating hours) are reflected on the meter screen. Smart meters utilize a tier-based rate structure that allows parking at the base meter rate until the posted number of hours is reached. Any parking session beyond that posted time will require additional payment. The tiered rates are displayed on the meter screen. Please read all the posted signage on the side of the street where you park and the meter screen to learn if a meter payment is required as regulations vary by location. Download and print the SacPark reference guide to learn how the tier-based rate structure works!

On free meter holidays, the meter screen will reflect a message that no payment is needed. Generally, meters are free in the downtown core area on Sunday, with the exception of Old Sacramento. Meter rates and free meter days are subject to change.

Method of payment depends on the meter type. Select smart meters now also take payment by cell phone or mobile app hosted by Parkmobile.


Payments made with a credit card at any City of Sacramento smart meter may be viewed and printed online 24 hours after the transaction. To automatically receive an email receipt for future smart meter payments made by credit card, simply create an online account. Payments made using Parkmobile may be viewed and downloaded by logging into the user account.

malfunctioning meters

Please report all malfunctioning meters immediately by dialing either 3-1-1 or (916) 264-5011 to reach the Sacramento City 311 service or via the Sacramento City 311 app. Agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Meter stickers also reflect this contact number for your convenience. The agent will ask what meter number you are located at. The meter number is series of digits located on the lower part of the meter screen that follow the letters "PKGS". If you cannot see the screen, you may also reference the location number reflected on the meter's green Parkmobile sticker. Reporting a malfunctioning meter is important in the event you receive a citation as these reports are reviewed if the citation is contested.   

Effective January 1, 2018, California Vehicle Code Section 22508.5 permits vehicles to remain parked at a malfunctioning (inoperable) meter up to the posted time limit. If there is no time limit posted, you may remain parked for no more than four (4) hours. If you receive a citation for non-payment of the meter and you believe the meter was malfunctioning, you may choose to contest the citation and include the confirmation number you received from the Sacramento City 311 agent if you reported the malfunction. A review team will research the meter number by checking Sacramento City 311 call logs and meter repair records to make a determination.

use of meter funds

Meter funds are applied as prescribed in Sacramento City Code 10.40.130: The money required to be deposited in parking meters and pay-by-space/pay-and-display machines as provided in this title is hereby levied and assessed as fees to provide for the proper regulation and control of traffic upon the public streets, to provide for public vehicular off-street parking facilities and to cover the cost of the supervision, inspection, installation, maintenance, control and use of the parking spaces and regulating parking of vehicles in the parking meter zones. (Ord. 2000-028 § 2(c)(xii); Ord. 2000-007 § 13; prior code § 25.08.142)