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Meter Rates AND OPERATING periods

Meter rates are subject to change. Rates and operating hours are reflected on meter screen.

parking operating hours and days

Parking operating hours and days regulate both meters and non-metered parking spaces. For meters, these are the hours and days when a meter requires a payment to park. For non-metered spaces, these are the hours and days when parking is restricted by a time limit.

Generally, meters require payment starting at 8 a.m. The end time for payment requirements depend on the area (see map or scroll to bottom of screen).

In most areas, meter payments and time zone regulations are not in effect on Sunday. This means that meters do not require payment and there are no time limit restrictions at non-metered areas. However, all other parking restrictions are still enforced. Please check the posted signage on the side of the street you are parked as some areas may differ due to permit regulations.

The exception to operating hours and days is in Old Sacramento, where meters require payment every day of the week from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Time limit restrictions are also in effect during those days and hours.

Due to regulations on some streets to accommodate programs such as Residential Parking Permits (RPP), operating hours and days may vary. Always check the meter screen or posted signage on the section of the block where you park.


View the Parking Map for all meter locations

Railyards Meter Parking: Meter payments are accepted by mobile app or may be made at payment kiosks located throughout the Railyards area. Signage on the street also includes this QR code to direct motorists to kiosk locations. Simply use your camera function and focus on the QR code and a link to the map will appear.   



Effective October 20, 2021, meters on the street will resume standard operating hours. Please check the meter or pay kiosk when parking to view enforcement hours. 

SacPark Tiered-Rate Meters 

Special Event Meter Rates

Download Mobile Payment App 


$1.75 for 1 hour


$3 max for 10 hours (see locations below)
$6 max for 10 hours

General address range of $3 locations:

600 - 800 T Street

2000 - 2200 8th Street

2000 - 2200 3rd Street

700 - 800 D Street

300 11th Street

How Do Long-Term Meters Work?

Deposit coins or “add time” (when using a credit card) until the screen reflects the “max rate”. The meter will not require any more money than the max rate and you will be credited for the maximum number of hours on your receipt or meter screen.

Any time left over on your receipt or meter upon leaving your parking space cannot be used to park at any other metered space. No refunds will be given for excess time.

Free meter holidays

Meter holidays are days when the meters are free, however time zones and other restrictions are still enforced unless otherwise posted. In addition to these free meter days, the City of Sacramento also hosts a Free Meter Holiday Program to provide free parking at select metered locations in the evenings. Learn more about the Free Meter Holiday Program.


What forms of payment do meters accept?

Parking at a meter during parking operating hours requires payment with coins, credit card or via mobile app, depending on the type of meter. Descriptions of meter accepted forms of payment are located under "Accepted Currency" on this page. See map of meter locations.

What if I need to park before operating hours start?

If parking at a meter prior to the operating start time, you may "pre-pay" the meter for the amount of time you wish to park. The meter will retain that payment, then automatically apply it when the meter operating hours start. You may also pay via the Parkmobile app and extend time through the app, if necessary. If paying by credit card, you may download a receipt of your payment at

When to pay the meter

Payment for parking is required immediately after parking vehicle. Vehicles parked without payment may be subject to a citation per California Vehicle Code or the Sacramento City Code.

How do I know what space I am paying for?

Payment at a single space smart meter covers parking for that specific space. Payment at a green Pay & Display meter cannot be applied to a parking space regulated by a single-space smart meter.

May I add time to the meter?

Locations with these SacPark signs allow motorists to extend their parking session at a tier-based rate by either adding money on the meter or via Parkmobile. Spaces regulated by a green Pay & Display meter do not allow time extensions and will not have these tier-based signage posted.

Tiered Pricing for Sacramento Parking Meters

Pricing Reference Guide

SacPark tier-based meters allow time extensions that allow motorists to park past the posted time limit when more time is necessary. 

Tier 1: $1.75 per hour up to posted time limit (Base Meter Rate)

Tier 2: $3.00 for next hour after Tier 1 expires

Tier 3: $3.75 for each hour parked thereafter

If using Parkmobile to make your initial parking payment, the app will remind you when any paid tier time is about to expire. Remote time extensions may be paid using the app without the need to return to the meter and only if the initial meter payment was made using the app.  

Accepted Currency

Single space digital meters (Duncan and MacKay) accept:

  • Quarters
  • Meter debit cards (must use correct card for meter type)

Pay & Display meters (green kiosks) accept:

  • Nickels, dimes, quarters and $1 coins
  • American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards

IPS Smart Meters

  • Nickels, dimes, quarters and $1 coins
  • American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards
  • Parkmobile (requires a credit or debit card)


Payments made with a credit card at any City of Sacramento smart meter may now be viewed and printed online! To automatically receive an email receipt for future smart meter payments made by credit card, simply create an online account. Payments made using Parkmobile may be viewed online by logging into the user account.


malfunctioning meters

Malfunctioning meters should be reported immediately by calling the Sacramento City 311  

916-264-5011 or dial 3-1-1 (if within city limits)

Agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Meter stickers also reflect this contact number for your convenience.

Please note the meter number by look at the green meter sticker or "Meter ID" on the meter screen display. If you report your meter malfunctioning, you do not have to move your vehicle. If the meter cannot accept one form of payment, please try a different form, if possible. If you receive a citation for non-payment of the meter and you believe the meter was malfunctioning, you may choose to contest the citation. A review team will research the meter number by checking Sacramento City 311 call logs and meter repair records to make a determination.


Effective September 1, 2016, parking operating hours throughout the Central City are as follows:

Parking operating hours ending at 10 p.m. (formerly 6 p.m.)

Parking operating hours ending at 8 p.m. (formerly 6 p.m.):

Parking operating hours ending at 6 p.m. (Areas with no changes):

Maps of Parking Operating Hour Changes