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Meter & Parking Space Reservation Fees

Reservation Sign Posting Fee: Cost of posting "No Parking" signage at reserved location. Signs are posted no less than 72 hours prior to the event to prevent other vehicles from parking in reserved spaces.

Daily Fees*: Cost of reserving each meter and/or non-metered parking space per day. 

Administration Fee*: $25 per application for metered or non-metered spaces.

*Effective July 1, 2022, administrative review fees and daily fees for non-metered parking spaces will be assessed. 

Metered & non-metered PARKING SPACE Fees

Total Metered Space Charges* =

Reservation Sign Posting Fees + Daily Fees + Administrative Fee

* Additional charges will apply for any removal of meter heads/poles, meter equipment, and re-installation 

Total Non-metered Space Charges =

First Sign Barricade + Additional Sign Barricades + Daily Fees + Administrative Fee


Reservation Sign Posting & Posting Removal
First Parking Space  $50
Each Additional Space  $5


 Daily Fees  (includes specially designated spaces & residential permit zones)

 Central City: $7 per metered space per day 
 Old Sacramento:  $7 per metered space per day
 10-Hour Meters: $7 per metered space per day

Construction Projects that are scheduled for 30 days or more are evaluated to determine if meter head and/or post removal is required. Total charges below are in addition to total charges for metered parking space reservation. 

Total Charges =

Reservation Sign Posting Fees + Daily Fees + Meter Head/Post Removal & Re-installation Fees



Meter Head Removal 

Meter Head Installation Meter Pipe Removal  Meter    Pipe Installation  Pay Machine Removal   Pay Machine Installation
 First Meter  $50  $50  $50  $100  $250  $1,050
 Each Additional  $25  $25  $50  $100  $250  $1,050


Expedite fee

All reservations must be received a minimum of 10 business days prior to the effective date. Reservations, Change Orders or Cancellations submitted less than ten (10) business days prior to the event start date are subject to an expedited fee of $175.00 pursuant to City Council Resolution 2010-265.