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online 24-hour temporary RESIDENTIAL parking permits



Residents with a valid Vehicle or Visitor Residential Permit may utilize the online Residential Permit Portal to order 24-hour Temporary Parking Permits for guest vehicles.

In Residential Parking Permit (RPP) areas, a valid permit must be displayed to be exempt from specific parking regulations. Violations of Residential Parking Permits also apply to online Residential permits and may result in revocation of the resident's Vehicle or Visitor permit.

when is a residential parking permit not required to park?

In RPP areas, a permit is typically required to park, except under the following conditions:

  • Parking within the posted time limit: For example, when a vehicle parks no longer than 1 hour in a space with a posted 1-hour time limit.
  • The proper meter payment is paid to park: Time extensions on meters are allowed at all SacPark meter locations.
  • Vehicles with a valid Disabled Person (DP) parking placard or license plate: Parking is allowed for up to 72 hours. Vehicles with these credentials are also exempt from meter payment requirements. Click here for more information about parking exemptions for Disabled Persons.
  • When parking operating hours are not in effect: Please see the posted signage on the street or on the meter screen as operating hours and days vary by residential zones.

Eligibility for online residential permit account

  • No outstanding parking citations on record, including payment plans for citations
  • Valid Vehicle Permit (sticker) or Visitor Permit (placard) registered in your name
  • Valid e-mail address (for registration and order confirmations)
  • Printer (to print permits ordered for same-day use)

registering for an online permit account

Registration and confirmation of an online account is required prior to using the Online Residential Permit system. This is done by visiting the portal and entering all the information required. Once information is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link. Please activate by clicking on the link in the email within 2 days from the email receipt date, or it will become void and the registration process will have to be repeated. The confirmation email will come from "". Please note this automated email address only generates activation links and cannot accept correspondence.

Ordering temporary residential permits

After successfully registering an online account, residents may access the online portal at any time to order 24-Hour Temporary parking permits for guest vehicles. To order permits, the following information will be required:

  • License plate number, make, model and color of guest vehicle. For new vehicles without license plates, the last 5 digits of the VIN may be entered.
  • Date of parking session.

permit valid times

Same-day use:

Permits that will be used on the same date they are ordered are valid for the date printed on the permit. 

Future dates:

Permits ordered for use on a future date (more than 24 hours from order date) are valid starting from midnight on the effective date. Please plan ahead to determine whether this effective time meets your guest's parking needs, or if printing the permit on the date your guest arrives provides more sufficient parking coverage.

how 24-hour temporary permits are enforced

The online system requires the guest's vehicle information to validate the vehicle's parking session and reduce abuse of residential permit regulations. Online permits are still Residential Parking Permits, therefore violations of use may result in revocation of the resident's Vehicle and/or Visitor Permit. As with all Residential Parking Permits, use of any 24-hour Temporary Permit may not exceed 3 blocks from the residence to which it is registered. The same permits cannot be copied for multiple vehicles as each permit will display the vehicle information that matches the vehicle to which it is assigned. Each vehicle must be registered separately in the system and have its own permit.

Same-day use:

Permits that will be used on the same date they are ordered should be printed out and visibly displayed on the guest's vehicle dashboard, taking care not to cover the VIN.

Future dates:

Permits may be ordered for use on a future date (more than 24 hours from order date). Permits ordered in advance do not need to be printed. However, doing so will ensure coverage in case the license plate is not recognized in the system. Printed permits may be placed on the dashboard in a visible manner, not covering the VIN. The date of order and the effective date will both be reflected on the printed permit.

maximum number of online permits per household

A maximum of 10 permits may be ordered per month, per address. Unused permits do not roll over to subsequent months. All regulations relating to the use of Residential Parking Permits apply. Temporary permits are also available in the Revenue Division and do not count against the Online 24-Hour Temporary Permit allotment. Temporary permits obtained at the Revenue Division accommodate guests who need more than 24 hours of parking time. 

Residents who plan to host larger gatherings or parties may contact Sacramento City 311 within 5 business days prior to the event to request an accommodation by Parking Enforcement for their gathering. Requests may also be emailed to Residents are responsible for notifying their neighbors of their gathering as any complaints reported to Parking Enforcement by neighbors will result in officer response to the site. Re-occurring weekly events are not eligible for this service.

permit costs

All Residential Parking Permits, including Online 24-Hour Temporary Parking Permits, are free of charge. Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged Vehicle permit (stickers) or Visitor permits (placards) is $25. Online Temporary Permits that are lost, stolen or damaged can be re-printed by logging into the resident's account if the valid time for that license plate number is still in effect.

received a citation?

To contest a citation for a vehicle that had a valid online 24-Hour Temporary Parking Permit registered to it at the time the citation was issued, proof of the online order may be attached to the contest form. Proof of the online order may be accessed by logging into your online Residential Permit Portal account and searching for the transaction for that date. Save the proof as a PDF to later attach to the online contest form. Click here to learn more about the citation contest process.


Online 24-Hour Temporary Parking Permits are a form of Residential Parking Permit and are enforced as such.