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Apply for a Residential Permit

Use the chart and definitions below to determine the Residential Permit type that you may qualify for. Then click on the permit type in the column heading to go to that application. Instructions are on the application.

DMV Registration: A valid DMV registration reflecting resident’s name and the address where the residential permit will be registered to. Local post office box is acceptable only with proper proof of permit address reflected on registration.

Proof of Residency: Current (last 45 days) utility bill, phone bill, cable bill, bank statement or insurance declaration page. Local post office box is acceptable with proper proof of address reflected on the bill or statement.

*Chart below reflects eligibility in general. Each application is still subject to review for correct documentation and limits to the number of permits per household.


Documentation you have... Permit Type*
Valid DMV Registration and Proof of Residency
Valid DMV only. No Proof of Residency
Proof of Residency only. No DMV Registration
Military Personnel with Proof of Residency
Property Owners with Current Property Tax Statement
Business Owners with DMV Registration and Proof of Residency for business address
Proof of Residency only. Accommodating Short-Term Visitors (Guests, Contractors, etc.)
Proof of Residency with new vehicle. Waiting for DMV Registration
New Resident. No DMV Registration or Proof of Residency
New Resident. Rental or Lease Agreement     ▪ 

Special Permit Needs




Leased or Company Vehicles

Company Vehicle Form Required

Student (college or university) with Proof of Residency only.
No DMV Registration.

Subject to Student Temporary
Permit Requirements

Home Health Care Providers

Please call

Home Improvement 


Subject to Temporary Permit Requirements