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Use the drop down charts below to determine the Residential Permit type that you may qualify for and the required documentation to submit. Any documentation submitted will be returned after permits are processed. The City of Sacramento does not make copies or retain any documentation submitted once the permit request is processed. 

*Chart below reflects eligibility in general. Each application is still subject to review for correct documentation and limits to the number of permits per household.

Submission of a completed Residential Permit Application or Temporary Residential Permit Application is required for any permit request, along with any of the following documentation. Please refer to the drop down boxes, below, to determine what documentation is required in addition to the application.  

DMV Registration: A valid DMV registration reflecting resident’s name and the address where the residential permit will be registered to. Local post office box is acceptable only with proper proof of permit address reflected on registration. 

Proof of Residency: Entire current (last 45 days) copy of utility bill, phone bill, cable bill, bank statement or insurance declaration page reflecting resident's name and address where the permit will be registered. Property owners may submit a copy of current tax statement.


I have a valid DMV registration and Proof of Residency 

You will receive a Virtual Vehicle permit and one Visitor permit (placard). Please submit submit copies of a valid CA DMV registration for each vehicle you wish to assign a Virtual Vehicle permit, along with a Proof of Residency and a completed Residential Permit Application. Virtual Vehicle permits use the vehicle license plate as the credential. 

There is no limit to the number of Virtual Vehicle permits issued to a residence, as long as a valid CA DMV registration reflecting the permit address is submitted for each vehicle. For Visitor permits, there is a limit to 1 per residence, with the exception for households in areas C, L and R, where the limit is 2 per residence.  

I only have a valid DMV, but no Proof of Residency

You will receive a Temporary permit that will be valid for a specific amount of days while you wait for Proof of Residency. Please submit a copy of your valid CA DMV registration along with a completed Temporary Permit Application. The DMV registration must reflect your name and permit address. 

Reminder notices are not sent when Temporary permits expire. It is the resident's responsibility to submit the documentation needed for either a Vehicle or Visitor permit prior to the expiration of the Temporary permit.

Both current DMV registration and Proof of Residency are required to obtain a Vehicle Permit. Only Proof of Residency and photo ID are required for Visitor permits. 

I only have Proof of Residency, but my DMV registration is not current or it does not reflect my residential address

You will receive one Visitor permit. You may use a Visitor permit in your own vehicle. The permit expiration date is the same date as the Vehicle permits for your area.

If you need a permit for your own vehicle so that your guests can use your Visitor permit, you will need to apply for a Virtual Vehicle permit that uses your vehicle license plate as the credential. Virtual Vehicle permits require submission of a Residential Permit Application, valid DMV registration and Proof Residency that is current at the time of submission. 

Active Military Personnel

If you are on active duty and your vehicle registration cannot be changed to reflect your current residential address but you have Proof of Residency, please submit a copy of your military identification card (ID) along with your current DMV registration and Proof of Residency to receive a Vehicle permit. 

Property Owners (non-residents)

Property owners may obtain a Visitor permit only. Please submit a copy of your current property tax statement that reflects the residential address where the permit will be used and your driver's license or valid identification. 

Business Owners 

Business owners with businesses located within an RPP zone may apply for a Virtual Vehicle permit only. Please submit a copy of the valid DMV registration for each business vehicle. The same current Proof of Residency may be used for each vehicle. DMV registration(s) and Proof of Residency must all reflect the business name and the physical location of the business address that is located within the RPP. Virtual Vehicle permits use the vehicle license plate as the credential. 

New Residents with no DMV registration and no Proof of Residency to permit address

New residents may obtain a Temporary permit that is valid for a specific time period. Renters may submit a lease agreement that is no more than 45 days old for a Temporary permit  along with a Temporary Permit Application.

It is the responsibility of the resident to submit either a DMV registration and/or current Proof of Residency to later obtain a Virtual Vehicle or Visitor permit before the Temporary permit expires. Reminder notices are not sent to Temporary permit holders when the permits are about to expire. Multiple Temporary permits will not be issued for residents who fail to obtain Vehicle or Visitor permits before the Temporary permit expires. 

Leased or Company Vehicles 

If you need to park a leased or company vehicle at your residence, please submit a copy of the DMV registration for the vehicle you are driving, Proof of Residency, your drivers license or valid ID and a completed Company Vehicle Verification form or a declaration of of possession of a company-owned vehicle on signed company letterhead.

Current students (post-secondary level) 

Students currently enrolled in a collegiate or trade school who reside in an RPP area and whose DMV either does or does not reflect the residence address may obtain Temporary Student permits that are valid for one semester. Permits must be renewed each semester of residency. Please submit: Valid Student ID, Current Semester or Quarter Class Schedule, DMV registration, Proof of Residency and a completed Temporary Permit Application 

Home Health Care Workers

Residents whom require the assistance of in-home health care workers may apply for a Home Health Care worker permit. Please call 916-808-5117 between the hours of 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday (office closed on City holidays). Permit issuance and dates of validity are on a case-by-case basis. These permits are not license plate-specific and are in the form of placards that must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard on the driver's side, but not as to obstruct view of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Placards may be used in different vehicles to accommodate different health care workers servicing the resident. 

Home Improvement 

Permits providing  parking for home improvement or service technicians to park at their home while providing services may be obtained by either the resident or the contractor. Please complete a Temporary Permit Application and submit a copy of the contract that reflects the scope of work being done at the residence, including the address where the work will be performed, the dates of service and company name of the contractor performing the work. These permits are in the form of placards that must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard on the driver's side, but not as to obstruct the view of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). 

Disabled Placard or Disabled Driver License Plates

California law exempts all vehicles displaying a valid Disabled Person placard or license plate from time restrictions and meter payment requirements. This means that residents whom possess DP placards or license plates or visiting vehicles with these credentials do not need any type of residential permit to park in any RPP zone. However, residents may obtain a Visitor permit for their guests to park by submitting Proof of Residency along with a completed Residential Permit Application. Once they have obtained a Visitor permit, they will qualify to register online to obtain additional Temporary permits that are valid for 24 hours for any additional guests. Registration requires possession of a valid residential permit. 

Temporary 24-Hour Permits

Temporary permits valid for 24 hours are available online to residents whom possess a valid Vehicle or Visitor Permit. Residence must register their valid residential permit number and RPP address to access the online system. A maximum of 10 permits may be printed per month, per residential address. All rules and regulations for use are the same as with any other residential permit. Unused balances do not carry over to the next month. A computer and printer are required to download and print the permits.