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how to use residential parking permits

Vehicles displaying a valid Residential Parking Permit or utilizing a Virtual Vehicle Permit may:

  • Park within 3 city blocks from the residential address that the permit is registered to
  • Park at an on-street meter without paying for up to 72 hours
  • Park beyond a posted time limit for up to 72 hours

"Residential Parking Permit" refers any Vehicle Permit sticker, Virtual Vehicle Permit, Visitor Placard, Temporary Permit or Temporary 24-hour Permit.

Residents with vehicles displaying valid Disabled Placards (DP) or license plates do not need a Residential Parking Permit to park with an exemption as these same exemptions are given to DP vehicles under State law. However, residents may need to apply for a Visitor or Temporary Permit to allow guests whom do not have DP placards or plates to park. 

Prohibited uses: 

  • Parking in violation of any parking regulation, including RPP regulations
  • Selling, duplicating or transferring permits 
  • Using permits that do not belong to the address where you reside or are visiting
  • Parking more than 3 city blocks from the permit address, regardless if it's within the same permit area
  • Any violation of Sacramento City Code 10.48 relating to Residential Permit Parking 

To report violations of the Residential Parking Permit program, including sales or transfer of permits, please call the Sacramento City 311: (916) 264-5011

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