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Petitions for Residential Permit Parking Programs

To request changes or inquire about the current Residential Permit Parking Program (RPPP) in your neighborhood, please email or call (916) 264-5011 to request an Informational Packet be mailed or emailed to you.

Please specify which Informational Packet type you need:

  • Annexation: Expansion of an existing Residential Permit Parking area
  • Deletion: Removing the Residential Permit Parking requirement from a specific area
  • Modification: Change current restrictions in a specific Residential Permit Parking area

Email or phone requests require your full name and the complete mailing address or valid email address where you wish the packet be sent. Requests with incomplete contact information cannot be processed.

You may also mail your requests to:

Traffic Investigator
300 Richards Blvd, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95811

Please note the address above only accepts mail. There is no public counter.