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Seasonal Services


Residential Leaf Season Collection. Last day to put yard waste in street was January 31, 2018. Residents must use only their yard waste containers until November 1 2018.  Household Junk Program has returned.  Schedule an appointment online or call 311 or (916) 264-5011.

Recycle Oil, Batteries & Bulbs

Oil and filter recycle logoOil, batteries and light bulbs require special handling. We'll pick them up with an appointment.


The Recycling and Solid Waste Division provides garbage, recycling, yard waste collection and street sweeping to more than 124,000 residential customers in the City of Sacramento.

Find your recycle week and sign up for recycle text alerts.


Feb 23 - Batteries do not belong in your curbside recycling cart. They can start fires in collection trucks and recycling sorting facilities. Learn how to properly dispose of batteries in the City of Sacramento. #BannedFromYourCan Read Post

Feb 22 - Learn about the Life Cycle of a Water Bottle when you Recycle Wise Sort Smart in the City of Sacramento! Read Post

Feb 08 - We are getting reports that yard waste loads are becoming too contaminated with trash and other unaccepted materials. This increases our cost if we have to dispose our loads as garbage. Please help us. Learn what is accepted in the yard waste cart at Read Post

Feb 06 - The Household Junk Program has returned. Residential customers can make two free appointments per year (Feb-Oct). Read Post

Jan 26 - Looking for a place to dispose of Household Hazardous Waste for free? The City of Sacramento Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility is located at 8491 Fruitridge Rd. and is open Tuesday-Saturday from 8:00-5:00 pm. Read Post