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Rate Adjustment Matrix

The City of Sacramento approved rate adjustments for garbage, yard waste, and recycling collection, starting July 1, 2015. The changes are needed to match what the City charges with the actual costs to provide garbage, yard waste and recycling services.

For the exact rates for recycling and solid waste services that apply to your parcel, please call Utility Billing at (916) 808-5454

Scheduled 3-Year Rate Increase

Service Type

Container Size

Current Monthly


July 1, 2015

July 1, 2016

July 1, 2017

Total 3-Year Rate



32 gallon






64 gallon






96 gallon






Yard Waste

96 gallon







96 gallon






Rates for Optional Services

Service Type




New Rate

Additional Household Junk Pickup Appointment

(after two per year)

The monthly rate for garbage collection includes the Household Junk Pickup Program. Customers currently receive two Household Junk Pickup appointments per year from February through October. The proposed new rate applies to customers requesting additional pickups beyond the two per year included in the garbage rate. The proposed new rate of $28.60 will be charged only upon request for an additional Household Junk Pickup appointment.




Exchange Fee

Customers may exchange their garbage container(s) for a different size, or request additional recycling or yard waste containers. The proposed new rate would be charged to customers requesting two or more container exchanges within a six-month period. There will be no charge for replacement of damaged or stolen containers.



Oversized Household Junk Pile

The Household Junk Pickup Program allows a maximum of five cubic yards of material set-out per appointment. The proposed new rate will be charged to customers who exceed the five cubic yard limit.



(each additional

5 cubic yards)