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Commercial SOLID WASTE & Construction Services

The City of Sacramento regulates and enforces commercial solid waste and generation within the incorporated City of Sacramento limits. The City does not provide collection services for commercial solid waste. If you need commercial garbage, recycling, and organics recycling (food and green waste) services, you must use any current City of Sacramento Commercial Solid Waste Franchised Hauler.

Commercial solid waste haulers are required to hold a current City of Sacramento franchise in order to conduct commercial waste hauling within the City of Sacramento limitsBusinesses and Multi-Family properties (generators) will be inspected for compliance to all state, county and city waste and recycling regulations by City of Sacramento Code Enforcement. For Sacramento City Code relating to commercial solid waste management, visit Sacramento City Code 13.24.

NEW! Organic REcycling Laws - AB1826 and sb1383 (STATE OF CA)

Two laws, AB1826 and SB1383 regulate organic recycling in the State of California. All businesses, commercial properties (including multi-family properties with 5 or more units) and [residents*] are or will be required to properly recycle organic material as required by State of CA law SB1383. For information on how to comply with organics or recycling laws, visit our Business Organic Recycling page


  • July 1, 2021 - All businesses and commercial properties with combined solid waste generation of 2 cubic yards or more per week must comply with organics recycling (exception: Multi-family properties with five or more units will need to comply with organics recycling by January 1, 2022). 
  • January 1, 2022 - All businesses and commercial properties, including multi-family properties with five (5) or more units, must comply with mandatory organics recycling (regardless of amount of waste generated).


NEW! Multi-family properties are invited to attend the Organics Recycling Informational Webinar scheduled for November 18, 2021 at 10:00am. Please visit the Multi-Family Property Information Page to register for the webinar.

Business and Commercial Properties: In early June, 2021, the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County hosted a Mandatory Food Waste Recycling informational webinar for businesses & commercial properties. To watch the recorded webinar, view or download the presentation, and to view all questions and answers from the webinars, please visit our Organics Recycling Outreach Page.

Green waste from Landscaping

Commercial property owners must alert their gardeners that placement of yard waste in a City street at any time is illegal and both the owner and gardener may be liable for illegal dumping fines.

Leaf Season collection is for residential customers only. Commercial property owners, or their gardeners can contract with one of the City of Sacramento's current franchised haulers for yard waste collection, or dispose of the yard waste at one of the commercial yard waste disposal locations.


More Information:


*Important: Residential organics recycling is currently scheduled to begin in 2022. Residential organics recycling will be supported by the City's residential Recycling and Solid Waste team. Residents are encouraged to check the City's residential organics recycling information page for additional information regarding residential organics recycling.