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business RECYCLING 

Recycling Requirements - Non-Organic

Businesses must meet state mandates for diverting recyclables from landfill disposal in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Businesses in Sacramento are required to separate waste generated on site into recyclables, organics, and trash. Information on mandatory organics recycling for all businesses is here. 

What is the law? Businesses with four or more cubic yards of garbage per week are required to arrange for recycling services.  

Which materials should be recycled?  Paper, cardboard, hard plastics (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7), aluminum/metal containers, and all colors of glass bottles and jars. Contact your hauler to learn more about what is acceptable/unacceptable, and how acceptable items must be prepared.

Cardboard, Glass Bottles & Jars, Metal Containers, Hard Plastics

How to Comply - Recycling

Businesses must select one or more of the following options:

1) Sign-Up for Recycling Service with Waste Hauler - Enter into a recycling collection service agreement with a Franchised Hauler to collect and haul your recyclables; or,

2) Alternative Recycling Service - Complete and submit the Alternative Service Verification portion in the Recycling Compliance Form if your business utilizes one or more alternative recycling services:

1. Third-Party Recycler: The business contracts with a recycler, who is not a franchised hauler, who collects and recycles all generated recyclable material. All contracts between the business and each alternative service recycler must be retained on-site for verification during inspection.
2. Self-Haul: The business hauls the recyclable materials collected to a local recycling facility. Receipts must be retained on-site for verification during inspection. Note: If the business is only recycling aluminum cans, all other recyclable materials must also be collected and recycled through self-haul or another option listed here.
3. Backhaul: The business hauls its recyclable materials back to a central or corporate location to be collected for recycling. Contracts or other proof of evidence must be retained on-site for verification during inspection.
4. Shared Container: The business places its recyclable material in another business' recycling container to be recycled. Note: Evidence that all parties agree to sharing the container and a copy of the recycling collection service contract must be retained on-site for verification during inspection. 

3) Physical Space Waiver (not commonly used) - If the business does not have adequate space for a recycling material container, complete the Physical Space Waiver portion on the Recycling Compliance Form. Note: Supporting documents are required as evidence that the business does not have space for a 90-gallon cart, one of the smallest carts available. 90-gallon carts are approximately 27" wide x 36" deep x 45" high.

Questions? Contact



City of Sacramento Commercial Waste Compliance Email:
Phone: (916)808-4846 . Note: callers must leave a voicemail with business name, caller name, and phone number. The Commercial Waste Compliance voicemail is checked twice daily. Callers will receive a response within three (3) business days.