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Frequently Asked Questions

Sacramento Marina Boats
What's the Sacramento Marina have to offer over other area marinas?

We are the largest, public, off-the-river inland marina in Northern California.

Is the Marina secure?

Your safety and your property are the top priority and concern to the Sacramento Marina.

All gates to the Marina are electronically locked and various types of deterrents are strategically installed throughout the Marina and regularly maintained. Staff and security monitor suspicious persons, activity and key use on a regular basis. We encourage our boaters to also be mindful of suspicious activities and let us know.

Do you dredge the entrance to the Marina?

Yes. We understand that there are some times of year where access to the river by larger boats is impeded due to silt buildup. Unfortunately, strict permitting regulations are beyond our control. The entrance to the Marina is only dredged annually to remove silt buildup and improve access to the Sacramento River.

Why don't you dredge in the spring and summer?

There are permits the Sacramento Marina must obtain from five federal agencies in order to dredge the entrance. Due to the restrictions of the permits, the window to dredge is only August through October. This dredging window that we work under is to protect the fish and wildlife within the river delta system, which ultimately protects the very thing we love the most.

There are so many empty slips, why can't I just put my boat next to the stairs?

The Sacramento Marina is a municipality. If one boater is allowed to stay in slip different in size than the one for which they are registered, then we would need to open up all slips to all boaters. For safety and security purposes, all boaters must keep their boat in the slip in which they are assigned. If there were to be an emergency or fire, then our records of where boats are berthed should match.

My registration says my boat is 25'. Why am I being charged for 27'?

The rate that you pay is based on the size of the boat or the size of the berth, whichever is greater.

Registered length is typically from the water line and may not take into account what is permanently affixed to the boat, such as a swim step on the transom of the boat. The Marina does allow overhang of up to 10 percent. If the boat exceeds the allowed 10 percent, it must be berthed in a larger slip.

Why am I getting a tax bill from the County?

The Sacramento Marina is a municipality and does not pay property tax. Due to this, the County of Sacramento levies a property tax to the berth licensee based on length of stay and real property.

Can we fish off the docks?

Customers are welcome to fish from their boat while parked in their assigned slip. In past years when fishing was allowed it was discovered that hooks, fishing lines, and bait were left throughout the marina, making it unsafe and smelly.

Why is the price of gas higher at the marina than when purchased at a gas station?

Fuel is commonly more expensive on the water compared to a gas station on land due to underground storage tank requirements, hose/pump repair and maintenance to marine standards.

Why am I required to have insurance?

For the safety and assurance of yourself and others, the Marina requires that all berth licensees carry insurance for their vessel. The two most common and costly types of occurrence for a boat are a fuel spill or the boat sinking. The requirements to rent a berth at the Sacramento Marina are to have a liability insurance policy that clearly states it will cover salvage and fuel spill pollution. If your boat ever sank, you would be thankful to have this type of insurance!

Can I live on my boat?

No. The Marina welcomes boaters to stay the night on their boat up to 3 consecutive nights out of a 7 day period, but living aboard your vessel is prohibited.

Can I BBQ on my boat?

For safety reasons, barbecues may not be used within the marina.

Can I bring my dog?

The Marina welcomes pets in the marina provided they are in control and secured by a leash.

Can I watch TV on my boat?

The free Wi-Fi available to marina patrons is intended to be used for occasional email or internet use. You may not be able to stream a whole video and watch uninterrupted unless you bring in a hot spot.

Do I need to be plugged in?

The Marina has electricity available to every slip in the marina. The fee is $12.00/month for boats under 40’ and $20.00/month for boats 40’ – 55’. It is in the best interest of ALL boaters to keep their boats plugged in to keep their batteries charged and bilge pumps working properly. The fee for electrical use is minimal compared to costs for getting a boat raised from the water.

What happens if my boat sinks?

Your boat is your responsibility. If your boat is sinking, you must call the National Spill Response Center immediately at 1-800-33-SPILL (77455), the California Office of Emergency Services at 1-800-OILS-911 (1-800-345-7911), and the Sacramento Marina at (916) 807-0838 or (916) 808-5712. Costs of use and replacement of the provided booms and pads as well as fuel spill, raising the boat, and towing and/or hauling is all the responsibility of the owner.

Can I bring my smaller boat in and park it behind my boat?

For a complete list of policies and regulations please read the Sacramento Marina General Information Handbook.