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Active Transportation Audits

The Active Transportation Audits project is a direct response to the Mayor’s Commission on Climate Change “Year One Project” recommendation to:

Conduct a comprehensive neighborhood-level audit to
identify deficient active transportation infrastructure and prioritizing 2021 investments in high-injury portions of the network

Planning work should start in Fall 2021 and will look at three Community Plan Areas, as defined in the City’s General Plan:

  1. North Sacramento Community Area

  2. Fruitridge Broadway Community Area

  3. South Area Community Area

Active Transportation Audit Area Map

These three Community Plan Areas were selected because they:

  • Include Sacramento’s disadvantaged communities (SB535) including higher rates of:
    • Traffic density
    • Rates of asthma
    • Rates of cardiovascular disease
    • Housing burden
    • Concentration of poverty
  • Include areas of the City that have not had recent active transportation planning.

Equitable process, community engagement, and outcomes will be key to this project to document barriers to walking, rolling (biking, scooting) and transit access; and to reach consensus on recommendations to address those barriers.

The Plan recommendations will focus on infrastructure improvement recommendations to address barriers to walking, rolling, and transit access.